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Top 9 Strongest Celebrity Bromances

The term “bromance” originated sometime in the 1990s and is often used to describe a strong friendship or bond between men. The sturdiest bromances are usually created between male celebrities who once worked together and have since been able to develop and maintain their strong friendships.

10 Celebrity Best Friends Who Met On Set

A lot of the time when we watch movies or TV shows we like to think that the actors who play best friends on screen are also besties in real life. However, today we’re going to share with you some celebrities that met on set and actually become best friends in real life.

7 Biggest Celebrity Endorsement Deals | Brain Berries

7 Biggest Celebrity Endorsement Deals

Surprisingly, many celebrities are getting rich, not thanks to their acting, athleticism, or musical prowess, but because of the brand deals. Celebrity endorsement agreements have been a necessity for centuries. In many ways, before the social networks have become a thing, this was the most important experience that brands could hope to get.