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9 Movies Brad Pitt Ruined


Brad Pitt is a great actor when he wants to be and when he puts in the effort. During his long career in Hollywood, he got to play some amazing parts and did a great job. It’s hard to imagine anyone else but him playing that iconic role in Fight Club, he was absolutely incredible in Inglourious Basterds. Many still drool over him in the movie Interview With a Vampire and his role in Snatch is pretty memorable too. But he’s been in some bad movies too, and this list is just a reminder that not every movie can be saved by Brad Pitt being in it.

1. Cutting Class

Cutting Class was a dark comedy slasher and one of the first movies that had Brad Pitt in the credits. However, the movie itself was bad, to say the least, and Brad’s acting here was absolutely awful. We’re not sure if it’s because he hasn’t honed in on his acting skills just yet at that point or if it’s because he knew it was gonna be bad so he didn’t put in the effort.

2. Burn After Reading

It’s a Cohen brothers movie, so there’s a cult following around it, but we think that Brad’s acting was just not in line with the rest of the movie. He was just so upbeat and weird that it took away from the overall mood of the movie. We were kind of relieved when his character was killed off.

3. Mr & Mrs Smith

You might remember the fact that this was the movie that became the beginning of the end of Pitt’s relationship with Jennifer Anniston. Soon after it came out they broke up and he officially became romantically involved with Angelina Jolie. Sure, their chemistry in the movie is unmistakable, but since that’s not acting, it’s not very impressive, and while the rumors about their affair created a lot of hype for the movie, the actual film didn’t do so well in the box office.

4. The Counselor

If this is the first time you hear about this movie – there’s a good reason for it. It has a cast full of stars yet the movie makes absolutely no sense. We’re not sure how Ridley Scott, the director, managed that, but he did. And while it’s not just Brad Pitt to blame, he definitely did nothing to save the movie, in fact, he didn’t even need to be there.

5. Meet Joe Black

This is a weird one. Some people love it, some people hate this movie, but if there’s one thing we can agree on is that it was very long. Way longer than it needed to be. And even Brad Pitt’s pretty face couldn’t save it. In fact, his acting in this particular film made it feel even longer than it actually was.

6. Cool World

Cool World is an old movie, so old that most people forgot about its existence and for good reason. It’s essentially a more adult version of Jessica Rabbit, but with a weaker plot, worse acting and inexplicably cringe-worthy scenes with Brad Pitt and a cartoon version of Kim Basinger.

7. Johnny Suede

Oh my god, this movie. You kind of need to see it to understand how bad it is and how Brad Pitt ruined it. His acting is just so cringe in it, you will be physically uncomfortable when watching it. I personally can’t watch it without covering my eyes and looking through my fingers, that’s how bad it is. He should’ve said no to this project.

8. The Mexican

The Mexican was an awful movie. Everything about it was bad, the script, the acting, the story. Brad Pitt’s part was not believable at all and some people would even go as far as to say it might’ve been better off without him.

9. By The Sea

By The Sea is a movie directed by Angeline Jolie. We’re pretty sure Brad only did it because of that. It was a weird attempt at an art film with a European feel to it, but it just bombed so bad. Many say it turned out so bad because Brad and Angelina’s relationship was crumbling at the time so working together was just awkward as hell and the result was a massive flop.