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5 Reasons Why America and India Are Basically the Same

In 1492 there was a guy named Chris Columbus, who liked traveling. One day he reached the shores of North America, but he thought it was India. So, of course, he named them after people he never met in Asia. Now you know why it was okay to ask “dot or feather”, when someone told you they were Indian. BTW, it’s not okay to say that now.

15 Reasons Why Pope Francis Is One of the Best People in the World

The pope is one of those titles that, in my opinion, make our society dwell in the past instead of moving forwards to the stars. I may get some heat for saying this, but I really think religion as a concept is what’s holding us back. Why am I telling you this? I need you to understand that even though I personally am not a religious person, I can’t help but feel the utmost respect for pope Francis’s worldview, what he did for this world, and his attitude towards people in general. Which basically is what Christianity is all about – don’t be a dick to people and do to others as you’d have them to do to you.

7 Women Who Rock The Beauty of Body Modifications

Body modification includes anything from tattoos to piercings, from microderms to injections, from implanting to corseting. By leaps and bounds it occurs around the globe today, and thousands of women are getting their bodies modified every day. Here is a list of 7 beautiful women who decided to change their bodies for better (or worse?)

20 Freakiest Car Crashes

Are you a big fan of bizarre and sometimes funny car crashes? Me neither, but someone has to tell you not to drink and drive, not to text and drive, or, basically, not to do anything but watch the road. One little distraction and BAM your car is french-kissing a tree and you’ve spilled your fresh non-fat half-caff pumpkin latte.

46 Mesmerizing Pictures of Things Cut in Half

Curiosity is in our genes, and without it, we’d still be running on all fours with sharp sticks, hunting wild cows, or cats, or something. Some of the questions tormenting people nowadays are “What’s inside?” and “How does it work?” And don’t tell me you’ve never wondered what’s inside a bowling ball or a freaking grenade. Well, it’s time to learn some sh#t, kids!

13 Reasons The Blizzard 2016 Was This Winter’s Most Photogenic Event

Winter storm Jonas was raving everywhere from Virginia to New England, bringing New York City and Washington DC to a halt dumping up to 40 inches of white powder in some places. It affected the lives of more than 80 million people and became the second largest storm in the history of NYC. No matter how nasty it was, it was still possible to embrace its grandeur and thrilling beauty by taking a pic or two! The Blizzard has proven to be the most photogenic event of the 2016 winter.

Top 10 Upcoming Games of 2016

These are the 10 games of 2016 I’m personally most excited to play (or watch, since I have to consoles) in no particular order. What’s on your to-play list this year?

Top 10 Youngest Billionaires

Just a heads up, reading this list might make you feel bad about your life choices, so stay strong and learn from their success. Or cry, I don’t care, I’m not your father.

How Stuff Works (50 GIFs)

We’re always surrounded by stuff. Unspecified things everywhere! The floor beneath your feet, the roof above your head, bricks in the walls, zipper in your pants, lock in your door and everything else around you has been manufactured one way or another. Yet we rarely stop and think “how condoms are made” or “how did they manage to squeeze the toothpaste inside the tube”. We just take it for granted and we’re missing out on a lot of cool things. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these GIF’s are bloody comic books!

Top 10 Most Haunted Places In the World

If you are one of those cynics who don’t believe in ghosts or think “The X-Files” isn’t based on real events, here are 10 places you should visit some time. Even one night at one of these famous haunted places will turn you into a believer for sure.

10 Lesser Known yet still Terrifying Mythical Beasts

Our history is filled with all sorts of stories and legends about ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and other mythical creatures, legendary monsters, and supernatural beings. Most of them, of course, are fiction, others – probably too, but, it’s possible that a tiny part of those stories is true. Instead of talking about the same old Hollywood monsters like the aforementioned vampires and werewolves, we’ll look at some little-known, but just as mysterious creatures from legends and mythos of different countries, cultures and continents.

Have You Ever Heard About River Surfers?

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘surfing’. I bet your imagination day dream starts something like this – California, palms, endless wild ocean, hot sunny weather, tanned athlete-looking boys and girls. And you’re absolutely right! But how about this picture – Germany, a city business center, a river (!), and still same athlete guys chasing payments with the surfing boards. Craziness, can’t you agree?!

Fake Freckles Is The Hottest New Trend

Freckles have always been a debatable topic. Some people make fun of those who have speckled faces while others admire them and would love to have cute sun spots on their own faces. Haters might be simply jealous because everyone who has freckles stands out from the crowd, and it’s certainly one of the most distinct features that adds playfulness to your visage.

25 Exceptional Dollar Bill Origami Examples

One of the coolest Japanese arts, aside from Kendo, is indisputably Origami. It’s an ancient art of folding paper, and while it may sound meh, once you’ve tried you yourself – you’re hooked! Too bad we can’t see any of the first origami pieces, since the paper isn’t very good at keeping it together for more than a hundred years or so. The art of folding the paper became popular around 200 years after it boomed in Japan. Since you can use pretty much any kind of paper to make intricate designs, it didn’t take long for people to start using money banknotes. Because why the hell not, right? This sub-genre of origami later became known as Orikane (“paper money”).
So here’s the question: if you could choose between an awesome origami piece, and a crisp $20 bill, which of the following masterpieces would you try to recreate?

10 Best-Paying Jobs in the World

As the great poet of our time, Wu-Tang Clan, once said “cash rules everything around me”. It seems like 99% of The Earth’s population can relate to this quotation, since most of the time of any grown-up person is devoted to earning money. If you...

7 Most Expensive Burgers in the World

Most of us would never spend this much on a damn burger, but it’s good to have some variety. Of course, the fact that all those ingredients are extremely rare and expensive doesn’t mean that the burger is going to taste better than a double...