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Random Pictures Turned Into Movie Posters


Let’s be honest: movie posters aren’t very good most of the time. It’s usually a huge mess of “give the most space to the most expensive actor”, along with the movie title and the director’s name. Very predictable, very bland, very safe.
Of course, the Internet changed that. Because a picture really can say more than a thousand words, it makes more sense to make the reverse action. Instead of making the movie and then creating a poster, how about taking an image and turning it into a movie poster. Boom. Thanks, Internet.
Sounds weird? It’s not – it’s completely badass. Let’s take a look at some of the best the interwebs has to offer.



Can Tom Hiddleston and Vin Diesel combine forces to save humanity? I’m not sure, but they’d better spend about 90 minutes trying really hard!



Get it, Kevin Spacey? Because the movie takes place in space? Spacey? In space? Get it?

Humanity creates sentient robots and dooms itself. Been used to death in movie plots, but I’d watch it.



Matt Damon is the last human alive. We’re pretty much f*cked.

The story of a girl coming of age. I’ll bet she falls in love with a boy that treats her badly, leading her to reevaluate her life and what she thought she was meant to do in the world.



This movie can either be Night at the Museum without Ben Stiller, or a movie about a couple that leave their kids in the aquarium for the night because they really want a night without little Sally complaining that her shoes are too tight around her ankles and her feet hurt.

This cat has 5 paws and walks funny.



This superstar alpaca wants to be on all the magazine covers. Watch her succeed – but not without dealing with a few bumps along the way!

Bill Murray gets stuck repeating the same day over and over again in an attempt to win the woman of his dreams’ heart and break the cycle. Sounds familiar? I’d never rip off the Groundhog Day plot simply because this poster says “Bill Murray”. I’m not that cheap.



Yup, this looks like a genuine Disney movie.

I’m pretty sure there’s bound to be a slasher B-film made in the 80’s somewhere that has this exact premise. I’d honestly be surprised if there wasn’t.



Just like tax-free bank accounts, the apocalypse also started in Switzerland. At least they died rich.

Everything is an enemy in the shadows, except for Jesus. Jesus is always cool.



Spoiler alert: if the pilot and crew are dead, I ain’t making it. I don’t care how capable Don Cheadle and Keifer Sutherland seem.