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These Pictures Look Normal … Until You Take A Closer Look


The one thing that really made a difference in the digital age, was the ability to take a picture of whatever you want, whenever you want. It turned pictures into less of a “once a year” thing, and also opened the door for a huge collection of “these didn’t come out quite right” pictures.
Most of the ruined pictures are pretty obvious. You can get photobombed, you can take a picture right as someone is sneezing, you can take a picture at night without turning on your flash (I get this all the time, don’t judge). Sometimes though, you spend years upon years looking at a picture. It’s perfectly fine from a regular point of view. You’ve looked at it a dozen, maybe a hundred times, and then it hits you: your picture got fucked up somewhere along the line.
Whether it’s become hilarious, anatomically improbable/impossible or downright scary, some people just realize one day that their treasured memory is in fact a true mystery. And that’s when the internet jumps in and gives people a spot to post their disturbing and hilarious pictures. Let’s take a look at some of the weirder ones.

Camping trip? Yeah, we’re not going on a second one. I don’t care how much you like being “a part of nature”, I like not being a part of the goddamn Amityville horror.

Hey man, if she isn’t going to honor you with a dance, it’s perfectly fine to dance by yourself. Not too sure about the self-hug, but whatever floats your boat.

“Daddy, why is mommy sitting on top of Jason?”

And that’s when you burn down the house. And then burn the ashes of what used to be your house. Twice.

At least the resident creeper put on his glasses before he creepily creeps on you like the creep he is.

I guess they tried to kill it with fire already. Dammit.

In case you didn’t notice and have no desire to sleep tonight: behind the front left pillow. Yeah. That happened.

Rule 1 of trying to figure out if the weird, silent kid from junior high is going to turn into a serial killer: if he’s behind a window during a group picture, the answer is always “yes”.

If you think the kid on the right looks out of place, try figuring out how the kid on the left thought this was a good picture position.

Ooooh, these people are having a hug. They seem happy. Probably because they’re blissfully unaware of the level 7 Warlock of Nightmares on top of the building. I wish I was unaware of him. I’m not sleeping for 3 days now.

“Ciao, bella!” Face it, he’s as creepy as any random Italian.

“Dad, why do we have a wooden house?” ‘So it’s easier to burn the demon girl living inside of it, son.’

Pretty sure whatever guy she’s trying to impress with that picture will be getting that same psychopath gaze the first time he shows up around the house. And that’s when you never sleep again. And that’s how he knows his baby girl will be safe. And alone.

You may think that kid on the right is a bit young to be graduating already, but just look at his left hand. That’s some proper “mature enough to graduate” shit.

I’m more creeped out by the fact that that woman seems thoroughly amused her husband has two right arms.

Yup, this is just a picture of five weird kids. Now remember (or learn, whichever applies) the fact that during the Victorian era, people took pictures of the dead before the funeral service. Yup, it’s four kids and a corpse. Which is which? Honestly, I have no clue and I’m too creeped out by the concept do to an in-depth examination.

Oh hey, this is a nice nighttime picture of Sally and Slenderman. He’s so shy, though.

Dear woman, what happened to your legs?

Jeez, I know hockey is a rough sport, but there’s no need to actually punch the head off of your opponent.

I think, therefore I have feet.