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14 Beauty Queens on the Catwalk Vs in Real Life


We love how beautiful the actors, actresses, singers, YouTube personalities, and even the damn Kardashians and Justin Bieber, look on our screens, and thanks to the paparazzi, we know how they look in real life (*cough* not as good *cough*), but have you ever wondered the same thing about the Beauty Queens? You know, those girls that who won actual beauty contests like Miss Canada or Miss Universe, or even some local Miss June Bikini contests? We just see them once a year in their tiny bikinis and their fancy dresses, parading up and down the stage, trying to please the jury and capture our hearts. But what are they up to the rest of the time? (And, also, to be frank, those beauty pageants are all fake as hell, with many of the contestants having zero clue what they are doing, especially during that one “I want world peace” section. Just saying.)
Yes, they all have their personal lives, and when you see their Instagram gallery, you’ll notice how hot they all look outside of the fake competition on the catwalk. Sure, some of them may be using super-expensive makeup, even when they’re just out for a coffee, but the difference is still huge, in my opinion. I bet these girls look gorgeous even without makeup, but we’ll leave that mystery for another time.
So, anyway, here’s how the world’s most gorgeous beauty queens look on the catwalk versus in real life.



Olivia Culpo (USA), Miss Universe 2012


Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Philippines), Miss Universe 2015

Deshauna Barber (USA), Miss USA 2016


Natalie Glebova (Canada), Miss Universe 2005

Mireia Lalaguna (Spain), Miss World 2015


Maria Gabriela Isler (Venezuela), Miss Universe 2013

Yu Wenxia (China), Miss World 2012


Paulina Vega (Colombia), Miss Universe 2014

Ksenia Sukhinova (Russia), Miss World 2008


Azra Akin (Turkey), Miss World 2002

Megan Young (Philippines), Miss World 2013


Rolene Strauss (South Africa), Miss World 2014

Keiko Tsuji (Japan), Miss Japan 2015


Yana Dobrovolskaya (Russia), Мiss Russia 2016