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10 Shocking Celeb Beauty Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know


It’s not a secret that celebs need to look picture-perfect 24/7 no matter what. So it’s no wonder that some of them go to great lengths to stay beautiful as long as possible. Sometimes, though, Hollywood stars go a little bit overboard with their beauty regimes and try some really weird things. Do you think snake venom or bird poo will make you beautiful? Probably not, but these stars have tried that anyway. This is what happens when you have a lot of money and even more desire to maintain your beauty no matter what.



Caviar Treatment (Angelina Jolie)
Eating caviar is one thing, but using it on your body to look more beautiful? Angelina Jolie must be really desperate to cure her bulging veins, at least that’s what the treatment is meant for. It costs $300 and what you get is the delight of having caviar spread all over your skin. Rumor has it that Gwyneth Paltrow, Sir Mick Jagger and Stella McCartney also like this procedure. Go figure.



Bird Poo Facial (Victoria Beckham)
Victoria Beckham is a gorgeous woman, no one can argue with that. But do we really know what she does to look so good? Victoria is using one of the weirdest beauty treatments we’ve ever heard about – a facial mask made with bird poo. It’s not at all surprising that this disturbing facial mask was invented in Japan. It’s known as ‘Uguishu no fun’ or ‘the Geisha facial’ and is used to treat acne and repair skin. A special paste is created with nightingale poo, then it gets smeared all over the person’s face with a little bit of massage, afterwards it gets rinsed off. The whole ‘delightful’ process can take up to 1 hour and costs around $180. Victoria Beckham is not the only one who has enjoyed this treatment – Harry Styles and Tom Cruise have supposedly tried it as well!

Snake Venom (Gwyneth Paltrow)
Gwyneth Paltrow is famous for her pretentious quotes and over the top statements, so it’s no wonder that she chooses some of the most upscale and unusual beauty treatments that can be bought for money. A spa in Beverly Hills sells snake oil cream for just $110. That’s 10 oz. of pure venomous delight for your skin in one bottle. Snake venom has a similar effect to that of Botox – it freezes skin and makes all the wrinkles go away. If someone actually got bitten by a snake on the face the effect would be the same! Using a snake venom cream is safer, though.



Ketchup Hair Cream (Sienna Miller)
Have you ever tried putting some ketchup on your hair? Well, Sienna Miller did just that and she states that it’s the best thing ever. This is not exactly your everyday hair conditioner, yet if you, like Sienna Miller, have suffered from a horrifying hair disaster, ketchup is what will save your locks. Sienna Miller confessed that she once had a very bad experience with henna dye. Her hair follicles ended up looking completely green! In order to get rid of that tinge she used ketchup – and it worked.

Kitty Litter Face Scrub (Snooki)
Jersey Shore’s Snooki turns out to be quite thrifty when it comes to cosmetics. She doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on beauty treatments, so she just looks for tips on the Internet. One day she Googled ‘cheap exfoliant’ and came up with cat litter. Out of all the things she could have used! It’s a weird and ineffective way to maintain one’s beauty because cat litter contains all kinds of chemicals that are bad for humans (well, probably cats as well). One thing we know for sure, Snooki earns enough money to start buying normal cosmetics.



Butt Injections (Kim Kardashian)
People still can’t get enough of Kim’s butt and it seems that it’s been the #1 topic for the past 10 years. So is Kim’s bum real or not? Kim hasn’t had any butt implants, that we know for sure. She even had an X-ray to prove it! Yet Closer magazine speculates that she has had cosmetic injections. Surgeons admit that it’s the new trend and everyone is crazy about buttock enhancements. So how does this happen, you might ask? Easy-peasy, you just take out fat from your tummy and thighs, and inject it into your bum. No, not gross at all.

Placenta Facial (Jennifer Lopez)
Jennifer Lopez is defying age with every inch of her body. Can you believe that this gorgeous superstar is 47 years old? Yet this beauty comes with a price tag of $900 a week and that’s really not something many women can afford. But when you are a superstar – why not? Jennifer Lopez admits that this treatment is not for everyone, but it’s natural, devoid of chemicals, and it makes her look beautiful. These are good enough reasons for us. And there’s no denying the fact that J.Lo looks fantastic.



Red Wine Bath (Teri Hatcher)
The star of Desperate Housewives is using red wine in quite a unique way. Think drinking a glass of wine is healthy for you? Then how about bathing in some red wine as well? You don’t need to fill your whole bath with bloody-looking liquid, one glass is usually enough. Grapes contain polyphenols and those are supposed to make your skin healthy and glowing. Recipe: pour a cup of red wine into your bath, soak in it for 20 minutes, and get out. You are good to go!

Vajazzle (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
Yes, apparently this is an actual word and Jennifer Love Hewitt is the one that’s popularized the whole procedure. Think there’s not much a girl can do with her pubic hair? That’s where you are wrong! Jennifer confessed that she uses all kinds of adornment for her pubic area. Once the cat was let out of the bag, people started approaching her with revelations of their own. What’s even worse, they wanted to show her their masterpieces ‘down there’. Oh, what have you done, Jennifer!



24-Carat Gold Facial (Bar Rafaeli)
Ever wondered what it feels like to have a pot of melted gold smeared all over your face? And no, we are not talking about the famous scene from The Game of Thrones. This time it’s Bar Rafaeli who likes to throw away thousands of dollars on upscale beauty treatments. So how much exactly does it cost to have some gold on your skin? $1500 per procedure! It is believed that gold possesses some unique healing powers that can make your skin look truly outstanding. Even Cleopatra slept with gold on her face!