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Before-And-After Photos Of Couples Losing Weight Together


Are you also struggling with obesity? Trying to lose weight one pound at a time but in the end still going for that last slice of pepperoni pizza you left for “breakfast”? Yeah, there are plenty of people like that around, it’s not just you. That’s why, these weight loss stories may actually inspire you to work out more and keep going, if you have a significant other accompanying you along the way!
The hard truth is — losing weight requires hard work, which is why sometimes you need a reason to keep going, an incentive to push through, someone by your side to help you. It’s true what they say – love will find a way!
Here are some couples who decided to get fit together and show the world that everything is easier when you’re not alone, so don’t give up just yet and put away that piece of cake right now, Samantha. It’ll go straight to your hips!



This marvelous Tennessee couple’s lost 538lb!



These two shed a combined 133 pounds for their wedding.

This couple refused to get married until they got in shape. Took them 5 years but hey, they’re now happily married and still working out.



«Slimmers Of The Year» title didn’t come cheap! These lovebirds lost a total of 300 lbs.

This couple lost almost over 200 lbs on their way to a healthier life.



I’d say they dropped about 300-350 lbs. What do you think?

Almost 500 lbs in 2 years! Amazing determination.



This couple’s transformation is awe-inspiring.

These two thought, «Hey, lets not be fat and ugly anymore!» And look how pretty they look now!



Nearly 190 lbs have been lost before their amazing wedding

In only 3 years they’ve lost 325 lbs! Can you believe that number?



For their 4th Anniversary this couple decided to retcon their wedding photos, and lost 210 lbs combined in just over a year!

They both lost a whole lot of weight together for their wedding, and looks like they’re happier than ever.



To lose those extra pounds, these lovers sold their car so they could walk more! Now that’s a serious approach.

Jo and Barry shed half their body weight after being told that if they didn’t diet, they’d die soon. With that kind of incentive anyone would get fit in a jiffy!



This couple lost 330 lbs, and got nicknamed as “thincredibles”. Punny and cute!