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5 Grossest Indonesian Delicacies That May Actually Be Quite Delicious


It’s pretty much a fact that humans will eat anything to survive, be it a stray rat, nasty bugs, or even monkey brains. That last one is actually a delicacy, if you can believe it! In general, Asians are real perverts when it comes to food. I mean, who in their right mind would think of eating a dog or roast a rat on a stick? And you just know that with weird “snacks” like those, the Indonesians have figured out how to brew some life-altering alcohol.
Well, either way, everything is food if you’re hungry (or brave) enough, so you should get through this list just fine as long as you’re not a vegan. Bon appétit, if you dare!



Sweet and Sour Dog Meat
Okay, Asia, we need to talk. No more roasting dogs, cats, hamsters or anything cuddly and cute. Got it? And if you want me to tell you that roasted dog meat is delish? To f#$ing bad then. NEXT!

Roasted Rat on a Stick
Now, rats, I don’t give their tail about them, so feel free to skewer and deep fry as many as you like! I’d actually try one if I ever went crazy and visit Indonesia. My sources say that there are even rat hunting contests, where you can track and slay the foul rodents and then have them roasted in front of you. Killing rats feels so manly, probably!

Roasted Monkey and Raw Monkey Brain
Let me just preface this with “monkeys are the biggest assholes of the jungle”. They are like humanoid rats, and they are not even a little bit cuddly or cute, but bashing their skulls open to munch on their tiny brains is a bit too radical, wouldn’t you say? Of course, just like any food in the world, monkey brains taste better when you fry them, but what about the guy who first tried the raw monkey brain? What was he thinking? #GrossShowerThoughts

Coconut-infused Dragonfly with Rice
I’m on the fence about this one. On the one hand dragonflies are the most badass bugs to ever exist, but on the other hand – they taste like soft-shell crab. I may throw up a couple of times but, man, that sounds delicious! And it’s apparently very cheap too! Time to go catch a few dragonflies.

Roasted Bat
It feels like catching a bat would burn more calories than you’d be able to replenish by eating it afterwards. Not only that but some bat species are on the brink of extinction because of their status as a delicacy. Too bad there are no legal regulations against eating or killing bats in Indonesia. Come on, people of Indonesia, just eat more monkey brains and leave these majestic creatures alone (for a while at least).



Now tell me in the comments what was the most F’d up thing you’ve ever eaten?