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21 Super-Famous Celebrities Riding The Subway Like Normals


Think of a place where lots of people meet, no one is really happy and you’re pretty sure Satan could spawn at any time out of the sheer air of despair that flows within. Starbucks? The DMV? Wrong, it’s the subway. No one likes being there, and pretty much everyone is there out of sheer necessity. We either use it to commute or visit a nearby town, or simply because we can’t afford a car. We sit down next to someone with hopefully a somewhat-bearable body odor and count the minutes until we hit the stop where we get off.
Now think of a type of people that don’t need to commute by using public transportation, rarely visit nearby towns and can afford all the cars in the world. Yup – celebrities. You’d pretty much think this place of darkness and these blessed people would never, ever meet. You’d be wrong. To prove that celebrities are people just like you and me (just with slightly more digits in their bank account), let’s take a look at some celebrities taking the subway. Because why not.



Tom Hanks
Where Forrest Gump ran around the world, bringing joy to people’s hearts, Tom himself rides the subway with a look of disdain on his face.



Kit Harington
Apparently there is a subway in Westeros!



Jake Gyllenhaal
Apparently Jake has been riding the New York subway in disguise for years. In this picture, he’s disguised as Jake Gyllenhaal.

Peter Dinklage
A Lannister may always pay his debts, but let’s hope he also paid his ticket fare.



David Cameron
Next stop: straight out of the EU.



Hugh Jackman
Wolverine might have the power to regenerate any wound, an adamantium skeleton and retractable claws, but he still has to go places.

Joseph Marcell
In case you were reading this name and thinking “who?”, this guy was Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the original inventor of sarcasm.



Zachary Quinto
“No one will recognize me if I dress like a tool, right?”



Andrew Garfield
Since Andrew isn’t Spider-Man anymore, he has to get around like the rest of us.

Jay Z
I wonder if this nice old lady has heard his lyrics.



Kevin Bacon
Five bucks says he’s listening to the theme song from Footloose.



Helen Mirren
Even on the subway, Dame Helen Mirren gives no fucks. Not a one.

Olivia Wilde
Running into Olivia Wilde on the subway seems like a good way to start the day, but the person to her left is not impressed at all.



Jessica Alba
Things Jessica likes: coffee, shopping and subways.



Mariah Carey
No one gave her the proper subway dress code instructions. Keep up the shade, girl.

Michael Cera
I guess it makes sense that an actor who mainly plays geeky kids would look like a geeky kid.



Taylor Swift
This was more of a publicity stunt, but at least she sang for the people on the subway. I guess that could make the ride better. Or worse.



Neil Degrasse Tyson
Neil being an astrophysicist and cosmologist means that riding the subway is probably the only thing he’ll ever do that I can understand.

Rod Stewart
If you want his body and you think he’s sexy, he’s apparently riding the subway.



To be honest, I didn’t recognize her at first either. I can’t blame the “I need five more coffees before I start figuring out who this person next to me is” look on the girl next to her face.



Neil Patrick Harris
Even real-life magicians have to rely on technology to get around.