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Girls With Long Hair Undo Their Buns And It’s The Best Thing Ever


One of the most attractive things about girls is their hair. Admit it, you were expecting something else. Allow me to prove you wrong (by also kind of giving you what you want, I guess). There’s this new trend on the Internet that’s all the rage now apparently, and it’s girls with long hair undoing their buns. I should probably mention they do this while filming their backsides. Yeah. But in all fairness, there really isn’t another way to do that.


So why did this become a thing? Who started it? I have no clue. Even sensei Google-san can’t help me obtain that knowledge. I think the real question we should be asking is why it wasn’t turned into a thing sooner.

So if girls with long hair is this kind of thing, I suppose this would be the Internet pastime you’ve been waiting for. I won’t judge. Although I can imagine this kind of feat isn’t for every girl out there – first of all you need to grow your hair pretty much half your body length, and then you have to go through all the effort of putting it into a bun, only to immediately undo it while filming the whole thing. Seems pretty pointless now, doesn’t it?

And imagine you grow your hair and it turns out you have curls. Sorry, afros haven’t been a thing since the late seventies and we ignore that period of our fashion history like the black plague (no pun intended). It’s not that it wasn’t cool, it’s just that we’ve matured as people. Plus side: curls always look amazing, so there’s no need to bun-up-and-bun-down anyway.

And if you’re a man with long hair? Don’t worry, you can join the craze as well.
Girls With Long Hair Undo Their Buns