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The 8 Strongest Women to Ever Walk the Earth


It’s a common belief that men are stronger than women, but we all know there are exceptions to this rule. Some guys can hardly pick up a chair, and some girls can move trucks without giving it a second thought. Yes, women with incredible strength really exist and they have been around for a long time. So what do they look like and what methods do they use to become so powerful? Here are the most prominent women with unimaginable strength.



Aneta Florczyk
This talented powerlifter from Poland has more wins as the World’s Strongest Woman than any other female powerlifter (4 wins in total). She’s been training in weightlifting and powerlifting since childhood and has won 13 Powerlifting Championships in Poland alone.



Chen Wei Ling
You definitely don’t want to mess with this girl – Chen Wei Ling can lift three times her body weight! This gorgeous weightlifter weighs 101 pounds, so you can imagine just how strong she is. She’s trained in powerlifting, weightlifting, and has even set a new world record in squat and deadlift. In 2009 World games she squatted 457 pounds and lifted 430 pounds.



Robin Coleman (Helga)
What is it like being an American Gladiator? Well, Robin “Helga” Coleman is the one who knows the answer to this question as she participated in the show back in 2008. Can you imagine this gorgeous woman squatting a car? Well, she did it 15 times in a row when most of the competitors couldn’t even lift it once.

Tatiana Kashirina
Tatiana is a real weightlifting star who now holds 5 new world records and has even broken one of her own from the previous years. She won the 2014 World Weightlifting championship and hasn’t stopped winning since.



Jill Mills
Gorgeous Jill Mills has been in powerlifting for over 20 years and has inspired thousands of women all over the world. She won Strongwoman competitions in 2001 and 2002 and finished 3rd in 2005. Unfortunately, this lifestyle has taken its toll on her health and she had to retire.



Brittany Diamond
She is young, fierce and completely unstoppable! At age 23 she could already lift cars and did it just for fun. She hasn’t broken any world records yet, but she’s gotten into Strongwoman Style just recently and is showing great results. She’s definitely going to beat them all!

Becca Swanson
Can you imagine lifting 800 pounds? And maybe a little bit more? Right now Becca is the only woman in the world who can squat 854 pounds. In 2004, Becca squatted 804 pounds and it was four times her bodyweight!



Kristin Rhodes
It’s hard to imagine women this strong exist, but they do! Kristin Rhodes has won the America’s Strongest Woman competition 5 times, and then she took the 1st place at the World’s Strongwoman competition. She was the first American to win this competition since Jill Mills. And that happened more than 10 years ago!