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Meet Angela Nikolau, the Russian Daredevil Girl Who Takes The Most Dangerous Selfies


Name the coolest thing about Assassin’s Creed. Don’t worry, I’ll give you some time to think about it. Exactly, climbing tall buildings. Now name the least cool thing about Instagram. You got it – people not climbing tall buildings. But today, thanks to Russian Instagram phenomenon Angela Nikolau, those days are over.
She climbs the tallest buildings to give us amazing views of skylines and cityscapes, and it’s pretty badass. Her fearless and artful pictures are quite the hit on Instagram (and all over the internet), and it’s easy to see why. It pretty much goes without saying to not try this yourself. Not even for a bet. I know, we all need a little extra money. It’s not worth it. Trust me.



If you’re going to watch the Red Square, you have to watch it from up high. Way up high.



Moscow by night is a pretty amazing thing when the slightest wind could make you plummet to your death.

Yup, she can get up there in heels, and I can’t even do a proper flight of stairs without tripping when I’m wearing sneakers.



“Come on guys, the Lapras is this way!”



Seeing how the next Olympic games is in Russia, they should probably hold the gymnastics event on this rooftop. That view is amazing.

Some more pics taken in Moscow:

Hong Kong/China
After she synchronizes the area, she can jump down into a haystack and unlock a new part of the map. Although the picture probably helps with that too.



I honestly can’t even imagine how she got on top of this huge tower in Tianjin. Still going to have to take away a badass point because of the selfie stick.

Not sure I’d be able to enjoy the view from up there due to the fear of imminent death, but that is one phenomenal skyline.



“Oooh, a penny!”



I bet this picture started with the guy being all “sure baby, we’ll do whatever you’re into today.” Turns out it’s climbing the Tsing Ma bridge and taking a picture.

Some more China/Hong Kong pics: