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Is It a Healthy Snack or a Junk Food?


I’ve seen a lot of weird foods on the internet lately, but this collection of healthy snacks, that disguise themselves as actual food, is pretty freaking evil. Nothing is sacred for these modern foodies. We got vegetable fries, watermelon pizza and even avocado burgers! Sure, these are healthy indeed, but you really want to eat to live, like a shmuck, or you want to live to eat and experience all the delicious dishes out there? Well, that’s a decision everyone has to make for themselves. It’s probably better to jump from one lifestyle to the other, actually, but what do I know, right?
At any rate, these funny-looking junk food knock-offs deserve a chance to be tasted, since they’re full of vitamins, low on calories and are generally easy on the eye!
Bon appetit!



Pizza watermelon, anyone? Add some berries, a bit of yogurt, and voila!


Avocado burger AKA meat-eater’s worst nightmare.

Cucumber sandwich – while looking ridiculous, I can see the ham, so 10/10, would eat in a heartbeat!


Who came up with using a sweet potato instead of a bun?

I have no idea what courgette spaghetti is, but the fake Parmesan really makes it.


Tofu fries! For those times when you’re out of taters.

Kale crisps. Just. Kale crisps.


Beetroot ketchup actually looks kinda nice here. Sort of like viscous borshch!

Now, fruit sushi, is something I wouldn’t mind at all, just don’t put wasabi on it.


Another food I’d gladly snack on – fruit roll-ups! Look at all the colors!

And last, and by all means least – spinach-flavored ice cream. Is there nothing sacred for these food perverts?


So, what’s your poison? Share some of your favorite healthy snacks so we can all laugh at you!