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What Happens If You Eat Bacon Every Day?

Most people treat it as junk food they just can’t resist. It’s something they know can’t be good for them, but they’re willing to take the risk because it’s that yummy. But is bacon actually that bad for you?

Top 9 Best 90s Movies on Netflix

The 1990s gave the world a huge number of cinematic hits, from Oscar-winning masterpieces to blockbusters that set new standards for visual effects and box office numbers. So let’s take a look at some of the best movies from that era currently available on Netflix, and remember the good old days.

Legendary TV Duos Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other In Real Life

Friends, The Office, Scrub – you name it, their cast have great chemistry and seem like they actually enjoy spending time together even when they’re not on set. But what you might not know is quite a few of your favourite TV show co-stars couldn’t stand each other and you would never know.

7 Reasons to Listen to Michelle Obama’s New Podcast

Michelle Obama is the person we all wish we could call our friend, and in a way, she is. She has been quite an inspiration to us all throughout her time in the White House, and even afterwards. She truly cares about people and it seems like her mission in life is to spread knowledge and work for the greater good of mankind. If you still need convincing as to why you should listen to Michelle Obama’s podcast here are just a few.

Descendants of Napoleon and Wellington Are Current-Day Rivals

In 1815 the Duke of Wellington led the British forces to a hard-fought victory over Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor at the time. This battle was called the Battle of Waterloo. After 200 years, the city of Waterloo saw another clashing of (the genetic legacy of) these two great military leaders. And that’s not where it ends!

7 Best Knight Movies of All-Time

Of course, there are hundreds of stories and legends about the chivalrous knights and their ironclad escapades. Some of those adventures ended up as movie scripts and, oh boy, are they good!

The 21 Most Beautiful Movie Shots

Some take into consideration the script, the acting, the camerawork, but way too few people stop and think about the fact that a film is a collection of specific shots, and if it’s a great movie, every single one of those shots was created intentionally. If you think that way a movie is like a million paintings or photographs, and today we want to share some of the best movie shots.

Goran Anastasovski’s Phenomenal Photos Of Wild Animals

Goran Anastasowski is a famous photographer. He knows a thing or two about wildlife photography and nature in general and has been making stunning portraits of wild animals around the world for years. From giraffes and horses to lions and monkeys – Goran loves taking pictures of all of them.

6 Free Mystery Movie Gems On Amazon Prime

Finding a good movie to watch these days is such a hard task. But Amazon Prime actually does have a whole bunch of mystery movies that you can watch for free if you have the membership, and we recommend you start with these.

Matching Your Facemask and Tie Is The New Pandemic Trend

Apparently, Steve Montgomery has a thing for matching looks, he’s proud of it and it’s what people at work have come to expect of him. To Steve it just makes sense to wear matching things, it makes his whole look more intentional and coordinated and he thinks that’s neat.