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8 Most Powerful Wizards from Harry Potter


What’s the secret of Harry Potter’s wild popularity? Was it JK Rowling’s clever and relatable writing, or maybe people were parched for some good old magical shenanigans? Every HP fan will probably have their own opinion on the subject, but we can all agree that seeing magical duels is freaking amazing, so let’s go with that.

Here are 8 of the most powerful wizards from the Harry Potter series.

1. The Weasley Twins

Aside from pranking others, the twins can also pack a mean spell if necessary. The two brothers love to do everything together. Everyone is used to the fact that George and Fred are inseparable. The Weasleys are Gryffindors to the core!

2. Hermione Granger

At the age of eleven, Hermione learns about her splendid abilities, gets into Hogwarts, and starts spending a lot of time with two dudes who have similar qualities. At first glance, you get the impression that she’s a total nerd. Hermione loves to learn and applies her knowledge as soon as she gets a chance. Some laugh at her, others envy her big brain, but let’s be honest, it’s Emma Watson we’re talking here. She IS magic.

3. Bellatrix Lestrange

She is a purebred sorceress. Even her appearance screams, “I will end you with a fireball!”. Emotional and explosive nature sometimes makes it difficult to complete certain tasks. But of all her unique features, sadistic tendencies stand out the most.

4. Aberforth Dumbledore

Like most of the kids, he joins Hogwarts at the age of 11. However, he did not have special abilities and was much nicer than his older brother. Even though Aberforth is kind and responsive, he is also a great duelist. After all, he was able to defeat Death Eater Augustus Rookwood.

5. Minerva McGonagall

At the school of wizardry, this woman teaches transfiguration and is generally a mean boss lady you do not want to mess with. She is a badass sorceress, who loves her cat form, but her tolerance for student hijinks is very low.

6. Severus Snape

Snape is a rather controversial character. When he was a schoolboy, Severus had no friends and was often bullied and misunderstood. Then a few years later, the boy became interested in potions. He corrected the recipes from the books, creating new amazing potions and spells. That’s basically why Snape started teaching potions and protection from the Dark Forces.

7. Voldemort

It’s Voldemort, okay? The big bad of the whole series. He achieved immortality and made everyone shake in their boots whenever he appeared. Voldy spent his childhood in an orphanage. But he was a weird kid: didn’t laugh, didn’t cry, showed zero emotions. And when strange things started happening around him, Tom was quickly transferred to Hogwarts. In the school of magic, he was acting calm and collected, but deep inside, there was a monster waiting to get out.

8. Albus Dumbledore

Many fans think that Harry Potter is the main character of the series called “Harry Potter and the Random Nonsense,” but they are wrong. Dumbledore is the main boy and a real wizard here! As a professor of transfiguration, he was respected by the students, teachers, and regular people. During Albus’s tenure as the headmaster at Hogwarts, he made some big changes, such as fired violent teachers, abolished corporal punishment, and created an environment encouraging students to learn magic. None of that “chosen one” crap.