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10 Lingering Questions About the Game of Thrones


You’ve probably heard so many fan theories about Game of Thrones and all of its chopped up plot lines. It seems that the most fantastic and ridiculous secrets of this TV show have been solved, but we still have a few wild questions for the creators and writers. Needless to say, what comes next are pure SPOILERS, so you have been warned.

Here are the ten unanswered questions the fans still have after the Game of Thrones finale!

1. Why send John Snow to the Wall in the end?

Is there a logical explanation for this punishment? White walkers are no longer a threat, and the wildlings have a wonderful bond with John. So, what’s the deal?

2. From monarchy to democracy in one short speech?

One of the funniest moments of the finale was when Tyrion gave a speech to the remaining monarchs and turned them into democrats. This would never happen in our world, at least not right away.

3. Arya suddenly gets wanderlust?

A character who can skillfully kill and change faces like gloves suddenly wants to sail the world. Why? What changed in her?

4. Why would the Unsullied want their own lands?

The Unsullied are an elite army, created with only one purpose – to kill and blindly follow orders. They are not capable of creating, building, and, most importantly, reproducing. They’ll all be dead in like 50 years.

5. Why did Jaime and Cersei decide to die?

In one of the dumbest twists of the final season, the naughty siblings decide to stand in one place and get buried alive by the debris. Later we see that all they had to do was make a few steps back. Not Cersei. She can burn in hell. But Jaime, that was a bad move.

6. What’s the deal with Arya and the white horse?

Like, really, what was the point of showing it? Is it some symbolic mumbo-jumbo? And even if it is, it’s still horrible!

7. What is up with the Children of the Forest?

The children of the forest somehow created the White Walkers. That’s all we know. Was it worth introducing them just for that? There was not a single word about them in the final season.

8. Why did Bran refuse to rule Winterfell, but was okay with becoming the king of Westeros?

Sure, Bran has been using cheat codes almost from the start. Maybe he knows everything, and that’s why he left his sister Winterfell as a gift? Or maybe the authors just didn’t care, and they needed to finish the series somehow?

9. Why do the lords agree to Bran’s candidacy?

Tyrion’s pitch why Bran should sit on the throne is quite honestly very raw. He appeals to the fact that the king should be the man with the most impressive biography because everyone loves a good story. In that case, I’d vote for Jon Snow. But let’s say that the story of Bran Stark is spectacular, he’s still just a nameless cripple for most of the assembled lords. Oh, he can see stuff? Cool, but does he know how to rule a kingdom? We don’t think so!

10 *sigh* What happened to Dany?

This is the craziest cliffhanger in the history of television! Jon kills Dany, Drogon melts the Iron Throne, swallows her body, and flaps away… Are you kidding me? THAT’S Dany’s final scene? Where did they go? What happened next? Was she resurrected? Did Drogon die on the way to point B? So many questions, and not a single answer.