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Unusual Animals That Still Look Charming

They’re not the best looking, but they all have a charm to them that makes them stand out from their peers. And they all have Instagram pages where you can follow their adventures, too.

Baking Bad: 2020 Quarantine Edition

So, you’ve decided to do something useful during your self-isolation time and started doing house chores? Good for you! Many people staying at home have picked up a new hobby or two, and what could be better than teaching yourself how to make delicious food, right?

Ways in Which Corona Might Permanently Change Our Lives

There’s a lot that can be said about the covid-19 pandemic, but not that it isn’t making us reevaluate much of our daily lives. While it’s hard to try and account for all the ways in which our lives could change once this all blows over, here’s a few aspects of our lives that might never be the same again – for better or for worse

Juicy Details About The New “Dune”

Rejoice! Frank Herbert’s “Dune” comes out on big screens later this year. Vanity Fair has recently shown us a lot of new information about the fresh adaptation of Dune, including some movie stills and what to expect in the future, so let’s take a look at the juiciest details!

A Fairy Tale Village In The Netherlands With No Roads

Have you ever wanted to live in a fairy-tale place? Somewhere with cute little houses and rivers and lots of fresh flowers. Perhaps you’d even want to ride a boat for a change, you know, instead of using a car. A place like that exists and it’s straight up out of your dreams.It’s called Giethoorn, it’s a village in the Netherlands…

COVID-19 Graffiti Art From Around The Globe

We’re all going through it at the same time. There won’t be a person in the world who doesn’t know about it or haven’t lived through this. Even now some virus outbreak movies hit differently. And lots of art is already being created, take a look at these coronavirus graffiti all over the world.

Best Movies On Netflix To Watch On Quarantine

It seems a bit strange to talk about movies and complain about being bored when self-isolating during a worldwide pandemic, but that’s the reality we live in. Healthcare systems are crumbling under the pressure of thousands of sick people and a new unknown virus and we’re told that the only way to stop this and essentially save the world is to stay at home. This in itself sounds like a plot for a movie. But hey, we can’t keep thinking about this 24/7, we need a distraction.

7 Indya Moore Facts You Should Know About

Indya Moore is such a role model. She went from years of bullying, misgendering, discrimination and even abuse to becoming the star of Pose, one of Luis Vuitton’s faces and becoming one of the most influential people in the world and just an all-time brilliant transgender non-binary actor – what a life and they’re only 25.

7 Deadly Epidemics of the Past

With covid-19 taking over the world, it only makes sense that we’d take some of that abundant lockdown time to take a stroll through medical history and look at some of the other deadly epidemics and pandemics that have plagued our history.

What Does the Little Star Mrs. Doubtfire Look Like Today?

In the early 90s, Mara Wilson was one of the most famous movie stars. The little girl with a big smile played in countless successful comedies. But later, she just disappeared from our screens. What does Mara look like now, and to what does she dedicate her time these days?

15 Relatable FRIENDS on Quarantine Memes

Before we get to the good part, here’s a friendly reminder: COVID-19 is still lurking outside, trying to infect every single one of us. But if you’re sticking to the quarantine rules, you should be fine. So stay inside, keep your distance from people, and wash your hands – it’s all you need to do now to make that curve eat grass.

8 TikTok Challenges You Should Try

Tik Tok is the ultimate social media at this point. If you’re a teen you’re all over it, if you’re older you’re grappling with the idea of whether you should be on TikTok cause you feel out of place and super old, but at the same time you love it and you gotta keep up. And our favourite thing about TikTok so far are the challenges. So let’s take a look at the top 10 TikTok challenge.

Drake’s House Is A Picture Of Opulence

Drake has dropped the song Toosie Slide along with the music video on April 2d and honestly, it looks like a mix of MTV Cribs, quarantine core and something made for TikTok. He’s dancing in a very empty house, just like most of us in self-isolation, so that’s instantly relatable. What’s not relatable at all is his huge mansion, where the video was filmed. So let’s talk more about this luxurious house.