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7 Indya Moore Facts You Should Know About


Indya Moore is such a role model. She went from years of bullying, misgendering, discrimination and even abuse to becoming the star of Pose, one of Luis Vuitton’s faces and becoming one of the most influential people in the world and just an all-time brilliant transgender non-binary actor – what a life and they’re only 25. Despite this incredible story of success, there are still so many things you probably don’t know about Indya Moore. So we’re here to fix that now and give you some Indya Moore facts.

1.Indya Was Raised In A Jehovah’s Witness Family

Both Indya’s parents were practising Jehovah’s Witnesses and that meant that they had completely no understanding what it’s like to raise a genderqueer child. When Indya didn’t act with their assigned gender their parents would use punishment to try and change that behaviour. That must’ve been one hell of a trying and difficult time for Indya. These days Indya chooses to interpret that not as cruelty, even though that’s how it felt at the time, but more as a lack of understanding. Their parents have never experienced what it’s like to have a child who’s genderqueer so they had no frame of reference, they just couldn’t understand.

2.Indya Left Home When They Were Just 14

Living with parents who don’t understand you is not easy, add a religious element to that and it can become quite unbearable. Indya knows that their parents loved them, but just couldn’t accept them for who they are, so at the age of 14, Indya made a decision to leave home and enter the world of foster care. That wasn’t much easier. They’ve lived in multiple foster homes all over the city facing a lot of problems and abuse on the way.

3.Indya First Tried Hormone Replacement In Foster Care

One of Indya’s foster parents was a transgender woman and she allowed Indya to try hormone replacement by giving them some of her own. Indya says it was a great feeling, they felt happier, more beautiful and more comfortable in their own body. But eventually said foster parent cut them off from their supply and Indya was forced to do some pretty questionable things that included trading sexual favours for money in order to be able to access hormone replacement therapy.

4.Indya Moore Never Had Acting Lessons

Yup, that’s right, it’s all pure talent and lots of work. Indya has never taken a single acting lesson in their life. So landing the role of Angel Evangelista was an incredible opportunity that gave them the chance to show their abilities as an actor. Indya says that it’s not easy putting yourself in the state of mind of their character, but you learn to do it and live each scene as that character. They don’t go full method, but there’s definitely a bit of that going on because they find it’s the best way to get into the character.

5.Indya Hopes For More Opportunities For Trans Actors

While Indya loves the opportunity to bring more trans characters onto the small and big screen, they hope that in the future they will have more opportunities that aren’t just about acting out the painful parts of their life. Indya says that right now it feels like trans actors are only used to show the hardships of their gender identity and the pain that comes with the society ostracizing them. They hope that one day it’ll be different and they’ll get to play parts that show off their multifaceted talent. In fact, in one of the interviews, Indya said that they’d like to play a superhero one day, someone like She-Hulk.

6.Indya Wants To Study Biotechnology

They’ve had to drop out of school at the age of 15 to find a job. They got into modelling and then acting, and have managed to juggle that with getting their GED. They’ve gone into full-on work mode since but they’d love to be able to study biotechnology and learn more about the possibilities of hormone replacement therapy and the more scientific ins and outs of how that works. They just need their career to get more stable so that they can manage all the bills.

7.Indya Has Reconnected With Their Parents

Even thought Indya has chosen to leave home when they were just 14 they have since reconnected with their parents. Indya says they’re very grateful to have parents who managed to learn and accept their differences and choose to be in their life. Indya’s mother learned to use their pronouns over time, but at the time Indya was using female pronouns. Now it’s a bit of a funny situation where Indya constantly reminds their mother that it’s “they/them” and not “she/her”, and their mother huffs and is like “oh just make up your mind”. But it’s a work in progress and Indya knows that progress is made one step at a time.