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8 TikTok Challenges You Should Try


Tik Tok is the ultimate social media at this point. If you’re a teen you’re all over it, if you’re older you’re grappling with the idea of whether you should be on TikTok cause you feel out of place and super old, but at the same time you love it and you gotta keep up. We get it, it’s a strange app. Some compare it to Vine (rip) but say it’s not as good. Others use it simply to do TikTok dances. There’s a lot of vanity on TikTok too, all of that lipsyncing can really get to you. But it’s evolving every day. There are TikTok makeup tutorials, TikTok recipes and TikTok sketch comedy, we’re pretty sure that if you spend a little while on the app you’ll find your own niche there and get sucked into this weird world of filters and effects like the rest of us. But our favourite thing about TikTok so far are the challenges. So let’s take a look at the top 10 TikTok challenge.

1. Flip The Switch

You’ve all seen this challenge. It’s the one where you play the song Nonstop by Drake and when he says “I just flipped the switch” you switch places and clothes with whoever you’re doing the TikTok with. And let’s just say J Lo’s version is possibly the best one out there.


Wait for it…😂♥️ @arod13 ♬ Nonstop – Drake

2. Uno – Little Big

Little Big who was going to represent Russia at Eurovision also started a challenge of TikTok, but obviously this was before the whole worldwide pandemic. Now Eurovision is basically cancelled but you can still do the dance, we’ve got nothing better to do with our time.


Support us on Eurovision! Join to ##unovisionchallenge | @ba.bich_ @mahavsekupleno @mimimizhka @anastasia_yseeva_17 @danya_milokhin @dream_team_house ♬ UNO – Little Big

3. Couple Challenge

You get your boyfriend or girlfriend, close your eyes and listen to a set of questions and points in order to answer who the answer applies to. No peeking, them’s the rules. It’s always fun to see what each of you thinks and if you remember things the same way. Again J Lo is the queen of challenges.


What do you think?! 😜 ##CouplesChallenge ♬ my girlfriend is cuter – samhanscom3

4. Doja Cat – Say So

Have you also had the Say So song by Doja Cat stuck in your head on a loop for what feels like months? Yeah, it’s everywhere, it went viral and everyone and their mom have done the Say So dance on TikTok. It’s probably about time for you to just give in to it and do it too.


Say So Remix (feat. @dojacat & @therealkamie) ##fyp

♬ Say So – Doja Cat

5. Savage

We know the song Savage by Meghan Thee Stallion is absolutely iconic and if you need any more proof just search in on TikTok and you’ll find so many dance videos. Even James Charles did a TikTok dance and it’s straight-up fire.


go watch our new videos hahaha @addisonre ♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

6. Renegade

This dance is not for noobs but if you’re a real TikTok fan you’ve probably spent days learning it. Honestly, props for even attempting it. There was so much controversy about who originally created it and all credit goes to Jalaiah but we’re just here for fun.


thank you so much @_.xoxlaii for teaching us the og renegade!! show her love!! ❤️ ♬ Lottery – K Camp

7. Kesha – Cannibal

Kesha herself did a dance with the queen of TikTok Charlie Damelio. At this point we’re not even sure who was happier about this TikTok duet. Considering Kesha is like a celebrity but Charli has over 40 million followers on TikTok it could go both ways.


##duet with @charlidamelio ##cannibal 👹☠️🥩 ♬ Cannibal – Ke$ha

8. Wash Your Hands

And finally, let us remind you that you should wash your hands. And if you don’t think that Terry Crew washing his hands while lip-syncing to “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor isn’t the best way to spread the message – you’re wrong.


I T S C O R O N A T I M E. ##iwillsurvive ##washyourhands ##xyzbca ##xyzcba ##xyzbca @beepboop123456789 ##safehands