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6 Great Actors Who Should Get Way More Attention


Some actors go from “little known” to “freaking everywhere” in a single movie (looking at you, Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds), others aren’t so lucky. It’s hard not to be nieched or type-cast after your first big break, so often actors and actresses like to diversify their portfolios to get more jobs. That doesn’t always work out for them, but I’d like to hope that the Hollywood gods will grant them the attention they really deserve. This list is my personal opinion, so don’t get your panties in a bunch, okay?

Right, let’s check out these 6 terrific actors, who deserve way more attention!

James Spader

I first saw Jimmy in the Blacklist series (currently airing season 5, BTW, go watch it!) and the moment I heard his rich smooth voice, I knew it was a love at first note. People keep praising Morgan Freeman’s booming voice, but, I’m telling you, Spader’s is far more superior. He’s one of the few reasons why I can keep re-watching Avengers: Age of Ultron without rolling my eyes every 10 minutes. In case you didn’t know, Spader plays Ultron in that movie. Between his solid acting chops and those billion-dollar vocal cords, James Spader gets a special spot on my list.

Olivia Munn

Remember the X-Men: Apocalypse movie? Until the last few months before the premiere, I knew absolutely nothing about Olivia Munn. But then I saw a video of her training with a katana for her role as Psylocke, and it got me curious. The movie turned out to be meh, but I did enjoy the (very few and far between) Psylocke parts. Apparently, Olivia’s been doing a lot of modeling too! She was even ranked #2 on Maxim‘s 2012 “Hot 100 Women” list. Did I mention she speaks Japanese, and has a black belt in karate? How more badass can you get, Liv?

Scott Eastwood

If there ever was a time to like someone just because their dad is amazing, it’s now, and can you guess who Scott’s father is, while we’re at it? Do you feel lucky, punk? Yeah, it’s pretty obvious, his father’s none other than the legendary Clint Eastwood. And, honestly, that’s all I need to know to give Scott a chance. The badassery runs through his veins, and the Suicide Squad would have been a great launching pad for him, so, it’s a shame it wasn’t all that great. On the other hand, he’ll be in the upcoming Pacific Rim movie, and that’s gonna be an instant hit! #fingerscrossed

Charlize Theron

Charlize is currently 42 years old but she looks 25, which gives her an incredible advantage over her competition. With her gorgeous blonde hair, emerald eyes, and model-like figure, you can why she would fit perfectly into a whole plethora of roles. If nothing else, just look at her last 2 big roles: Mad Max Fury Road, and Atomic Blonde. Stunning performance, badass action scenes, what more can you want? Oh, right, MORE CHARLIZE!

Nathan Fillion

Nate is one of my favorite actors of all time, and it pains me to see him less and less in the movies and on TV. He did get a lot of voice acting gigs, however, so that’s great. Nathan’s got that one-of-a-kind voice and quirky mannerisms, that make him perfect for the roles of a “lovable goofball, with a touch of serious business”. Firefly, Serenity, Castle, Con Man, Slither, and many many more amazing roles make me sad that he’s not as popular today, as he used to be, especially after Castle got canceled at the last moment. Give Nathan Fillion more roles, please!

Aubrey Plaza

And last, but not least, we have the remarkable Aubrey Plaza. IMDb states that one of her trade marks is “deadpan delivery”, which is true and absolutely always hilarious. Then again, humor is a subjective thing. Her role of April Ludgate in Park and Rec is probably what made her famous, but she was also in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Safety Not Guaranteed, and last year’s Legion, among others. Speaking of Legion, she did an outstanding job portraying a deranged psychic demon. Girl’s got skills!