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Top 9 Best 90s Movies on Netflix


The 1990s gave the world a huge number of cinematic hits, from Oscar-winning masterpieces to blockbusters that set new standards for visual effects and box office numbers. So let’s take a look at some of the best movies from that era currently available on Netflix, and remember the good old days.

1. Ghost

Ghost is a touching romantic story with Demi Moore in the title role. Molly, the main character, loses her beloved man Sam, but she has no idea that he still lingers nearby in the form of a ghost. Then there’s danger, Whoopie Goldberg, clay pottery, and a happy ending. And then there’s that beautiful song – “Oh, my love, my darling, I’ve hungered for your touch…” – which perfectly encapsulates the main premise.

2. Demolition Man

An ironic sci-fi action movie about an overly sterile utopian world of 2032, in which the cops can’t deal with a crazy criminal from the past, and where Taco Bell is the only fast-food chain. This movie is seriously amazing with its plot, unobtrusive humor, and explosive action.

3. The Matrix

Technically, “The Matrix” came out in the final year of the 20th century, but it was very clear that it belonged in the next century. It’s a fun mix of everything the Wachowski brothers loved – comics, anime, cyberpunk, kung fu, cool slow-motion shots, and of course, many philosophical aspects.

4. The Mask

Stanley Ibkiss went for a swim and found a weird mask that gives the wearer the powers of the ancient Norse god Loki. Chaos and mayhem ensue! The Mask is a true comedic masterpiece that launched Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz straight off to Hollywood!

5. Rush Hour

Jackie Chan is one of the funniest and most talented 90s actors, and together with Chris Tucker, he managed to make a fun comedy action movie that turned into a whole franchise. A Hong Kong police officer arrives in Los Angeles to find his friend’s kidnapped daughter. But the FBI never wants him to get in the way, and orders one of the local detectives to distract him from the investigation. It’s like a sight for sore eyes!

6. Mission: Impossible

Even after so many years, “Mission: Impossible’ is considered one of the best parts of the franchise. Tom Cruise’s charisma and the spy movie vibe made this film legendary. You can compare the latest episode of the series with the first one, and it becomes clear how much this franchise has changed.

7. Space Jam

What if monsters from a distant planet were trying to enslave our beloved cartoon characters like Buggs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat, and other WB properties? There is but one way – we’d have to challenge them to a basketball game and get Michael Jordan to train the Loony Toons! Space Jam made a huge contribution to the popularization of B-Ball, and to this day, remains one of the wackiest comedies out there.

8. Big Lebowski

Few can resist revisiting the crazy world of Mr. Lebowski and his comrades. The carefree pacifist nicknamed the Dude was such a perfect role for Jeff Bridges that for many fans, it is almost impossible to imagine him in a different role. The Dude abides!

9. Groundhog Day

It may not be Bill Murray’s best work, but it’s certainly one of the most popular ones. The cynical and narcissistic weatherman comes to a small town to get the scoop on the Groundhog’s shadow, but instead, he falls into a time loop and is forced to re-live one endless day over and over again, until he realizes he can learn so many things and become a better man. Definitely one of my top nostalgic movies.