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7 Reasons to Listen to Michelle Obama’s New Podcast


Michelle Obama is the person we all wish we could call our friend, and in a way, she is. She has been quite an inspiration to us all throughout her time in the White House, and even afterwards. She truly cares about people and it seems like her mission in life is to spread knowledge and work for the greater good of mankind. Her book became a massive success, which you know, that’s hardly a surprise considering she wrote it and she’s brilliant at everything she does. So when we heard that she’s doing a podcast we were super excited to listen to it and absorb every word she has to share. If you still need convincing as to why you should listen to Michelle Obama’s podcast here are just a few.

1. The Guest List Is Incredible

The podcast will feature the people Michelle is closest to including her relatives, friends, colleagues and people she finds interesting and inspirational. It’s not driven by wanting fame, she’s got more than enough of that during her time as the First Lady, this is more about going back to your roots and appreciating what made you who you are.

2. Barack Obama Is The First Guest

The first episode of the podcast is already available and her first guest is her husband, the former president of the United States, the one we all loved and who was our only hope for America. But in this podcast they don’t discuss politics, they talk about their relationship, how it changed them, why they ended up together and what they appreciate most in each other. It’s long and thoughtful, with some of that banter we’ve come to expect from the couple, and with lots of nuggets of wisdom, we should all really pay attention to.

3. You Will Find Out More About Michelle’s Past

In the podcast Michelle is planning to dive into her past, what was her upbringing like, what kind of a person she was when she was younger and what shaped her into the glorious woman that she is now. You’ll learn more about her family, her home life and what she values most.

4. It Will Make You Think Of Your Community

One of the things Michelle mentioned in the very first episode is that she feels like these days people often think of themselves first. They focus on what’s good for them, which is fine, but they no longer care as much about those who surround them. Michelle says that it’s our community that influences us the most and that’s something we should value a lot more than we do these days.

5. It Will Make You Realise What’s Important

These days a lot of people are striving to have it all, we admire people who are rich, people that can afford all the “things”. But the Obamas will teach you about what’s truly important and how things don’t make you happy. How sharing with others is what really lifts people up and makes this world a better place.

6. It Will Give You Hope

This is definitely a very challenging year for all of us, everything feels uncertain and we’re all struggling with daily tasks and often find ourselves overwhelmed with anxiety. We’re all in this together. But Michelle Obama truly believes that you have to hold out hope for a better future and do what you can. So if you’re in need of hope – this podcast is definitely a good idea for you.

7. It Will Make You Think Of Your Values

Michelle makes a convincing point about how values aren’t really just our own. They’re often shaped by the people that surround us. They might evolve over time, but you always start with valuing your family, the people around you. And then you learned about their values and they slowly become your values too. We’re all products of the combination of people that surround you.