Ridiculously Expensive Things The Big Bang Theory Cast Bought


This might surprise you, but apparently starring in one of the most popular sitcoms of the last decade earns you a pretty penny (pun only slightly intended). The Big Bang Theory cast is probably set for life financially, so it becomes interesting for people to look at what the wealthy and successful spend their money on.

Here’s a few ridiculous expenses the Big Bang Theory cast made. Not to judge them, they can do with their money whatever they want to. But also kind of to judge them, because there’s probably better ways to spend six or seven figures (tip: it’s mostly houses and cars, don’t get your hopes up too much).

Jim Parsons – A $20,000 Watch

Just when I thought everyone could tell the time by looking at their smartphone, Jim Parsons proves me wrong by being a civilized person who still wears a watch. And not just any watch, a very expensive watch! More specifically, a Chopard L.U.C. 1937 Classic timepiece, which costs about as much as regular mortals make in a year.

Simon Helberg – A Near $7 Million Mansion

Living in Los Feliz is never going to be cheap, especially if you want a five bedroom mansion on a property spanning half an acre. The $6.8 million mansion looks pretty nice though, so I guess Simon isn’t complaining. Who would, living in a multi million dollar mansion, really?

Kaley Cuoco – A House Worth $12 Million

I mean, we all have to buy a house, so no harm in that. But this $12 million dollar mansion isn’t the only house she owns. A mansion in Los Angeles is always a good investment though, so even if she decides to sell it later she should at least be able to recuperate half of what she paid for it.

Mayim Bialik – Jewelry, Loads of Jewelry

While Amy Farrah Fowler wouldn’t be caught dead in jewelry, Mayim shares no such restrictions in her personal life. While her jewelry outburst weren’t exactly tens of thousands of dollars, this is pretty much all we can find on how she spends her money. She barely broke $5,000, probably, but she literally doesn’t do anything insane with her money otherwise.

Jim Parsons – A $91,000 Mercedes S-Class

A car is really only supposed to get you from point A to point B, but a Mercedes S-Class can do it much more comfortably. And probably faster. I mean, if you’re spending this much money on a car, a speeding ticket isn’t going to break the bank, right?

Johnny Galecki – A $9.2 Million L.A. House

Not only did he buy this amazing mansion in L.A., he also reportedly bought it from Jason Statham! And while it’s certainly an expensive price for a bunch of bricks with windows in them, it’s Johnny’s only property. I guess that makes it less excessive, doesn’t it?

Kaley Cuoco – $40,000 Horses

Kaley owns a ranch aside from her Los Angeles mansion, and that ranch is just filled with animals. Among those wonderful creatures are some lovely $40,000 horses. Horses are always cool, so that automatically means that Kaley Cuoco is cool.