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7 Best Robert Pattinson Movies

Surviving the Twilight series was quite an ordeal for the actors as well as the viewers, and let’s just say that not everyone made it out as well as they should have. But Robert Pattinson has somehow reinvented himself and rebuilt a career pretty much from the ground up.

9 Surprising Foods You Can Pickle

If pickled cucumbers and tomatoes sound a bit too stale for you, then, by all means, take a look at this freshly pickled selection or fruits and veggies that you can stuff your cupboards with.

6 Ways To Know For Sure That She’s “The One”

You don’t have to go through dozens of failed relationships to figure out what true love is, although it does help. It is very important that you know how to distinguish between short-term affection and euphoria and true Love. The good news is, some signs will help you figure out that she is the one!

Jarvis The Cat Stole Her Husband

There’s this false belief that cats couldn’t care less who you are and if you’re actually around, as long as they’re fed. But this Scottish fold named Jarvis proves that wrong.

Original vs. Remake: Who Played Them Best?

If you look at some of Hollywood’s trends, you can notice a pattern: they’re rehashing old movies. The writers have almost entirely abandoned the concept of new ideas, so the remakes and reboots come out one by one.

7 Best Sitcom Girlfriends

And no interaction is as prized as the romantic relationship. Let’s take a look at some of the best girlfriends we’ve seen in sitcoms over the years, just so you know what to look for.

9 Shows To Look Forward To This Fall

It’s autumn ladies and gentlemen and that means the season of pumpkin spice lattes, oversized jumpers and getting cosy in front of the TV on a Friday night instead of going out is upon us.

The Unusual Transformation of Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch has captured the attention of many and the heart of Howard Wolowitz when she got the role of Bernadette Rostenkowski on The Big bang Theory. It’s time you found out Melissa’s backstory because it’s actually quite fascinating.

8 Weirdest Asian Delicacies

Asia is a huge tourist magnet. Some travelers go there for the beautiful beaches, ancients monuments, and a unique atmosphere, but it also delivers an extraordinary culinary experience. But only if you dare.