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7 Best Sitcom Girlfriends


Whenever you’re looking at a sitcom, the main driving force behind the story seems to be the relationships between the main characters. They live and learn from their adventures, and they grow as people because of it. This can often give the show new dimensions and change how people interact with one another.

And no interaction is as prized as the romantic relationship. Let’s take a look at some of the best girlfriends we’ve seen in sitcoms over the years, just so you know what to look for.

Monica (Friends)

Sure, we can talk about Rachel and Ross all day, but when it all comes down to it, sticking with a guy like Chandler Bing is probably something that only a woman that stands by her man no matter what would do. Also, she’d have to take the name “Bing” after marrying him, which probably isn’t something you get over quickly either.

Pam (The Office)

Not the most assertive girl out there, at least not in the series beginnings, we see Pam go through a transformation that turns her into the perfect match for Jim. She evolves from a simple receptionist into a successful (well, somewhat) sales agent in her company and goes through some amazing personal transformations!

Carrie (Sex And The City)

Sitcoms about women can have good girlfriends too, dangit! While we can all agree that Samantha probably won’t be winning this trophy, the Carrie and Big relationship made even the most skeptical among us believe in true love.

Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

The hoops Penny had to go through to even begin to understand the daily life of her partner-to-be Leonard is nothing short of phenomenal. She plowed through it, fell over sometimes, but always got back on her feet. Now that’s dedication.

Topanga (Boy Meets World)

Since people are rediscovering this show through Disney+, what an amazing girlfriend was Topanga, huh? Corey was probably one of the most flawed characters on TV in the 90s, and Topanga even married him. And she could’ve picked anyone, too.

Diane (Cheers)

Dealing with Sam’s erratic shenanigans and having to work for him too was probably the hardest job the 80’s had to offer, but Diane succeeded with flying colors. Although their relationship wasn’t perfect and they even split a couple of times, Diana always found her way back to Sam.

Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

Lily and Marshall were pretty much the “why aren’t we like that?” couple of HIMYM. They always stood by each other, always had respect for each other’s feelings, and they were fun as hell. And Lily even let Marshall’s best friend stay in their apartment for a whole bunch of seasons, too!