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Top 9 Most Unlikeable Main Characters in TV Shows

The secret ingredients of a great TV show are a non-cliche plot, relatable characters that don’t make you cringe, and good acting. As the following examples show you, you can definitely have subpar main characters and still enjoy the show.

7 Best Sitcom Girlfriends

And no interaction is as prized as the romantic relationship. Let’s take a look at some of the best girlfriends we’ve seen in sitcoms over the years, just so you know what to look for.

The Unusual Transformation of Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch has captured the attention of many and the heart of Howard Wolowitz when she got the role of Bernadette Rostenkowski on The Big bang Theory. It’s time you found out Melissa’s backstory because it’s actually quite fascinating.

8 Funny Inconsistencies in The Big Bang Theory

Every show out there has a whole bag of inconsistencies, especially when it comes to sitcoms. The writers change from episode to episode, leaving out small continuity errors here and there. Only true fans will be able to notice those plot holes, and as we all know, “The Big Bang Theory” has quite a few of those.

8 TV Supporting Characters Who Became Everybody’s Favorite

We love the main heroes of our favorite shows, but weirdly enough, most of the time they’re overrated. We know the show is about them, but sometimes it’s the characters in the background that catch our attention more. A funny phrase here, a silly expression there, and we’re sold, demanding spin-off series for them!

8 Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome

However bad or good the film/TV show is, as long as it’s profitable for the studio and the higher-ups, they’ll keep making more sequels/episodes because people are weak and predictable. There have been plenty of shows that overstayed their welcome, and here are just some of them.