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7 Iconic Pies From TV Shows and Movies


Popular movies and TV shows fascinate the viewers not only with intricate plot twists, costumes, and god-tier acting but also with food. You’ve probably seen cookbooks from different fantasy worlds like Dungeons & Dragons, the Witcher, and Harry Potter, but today we’ll be showing you some of the most iconic pies from books, TV series, and movies.

1. Blackberry Pie from “The Lord of the Rings.”

Remember when the young hobbits left the Shire and waited for Gandalf at the “Prancing Pony” tavern? That’s when they tasted the best blackberry pie in all of Middle-earth! Rest assured that Amazon’s recent hit “The Rings of Power” will most likely add a reference to the yummy pie from Tolkien’s world in future seasons.

2. Blueberry Pie from “The Big Bang Theory.”

Watching Amy, Penny, Sheldon, and Leonard try to eat blueberry pie without using their hands makes you want to try it too. Just watch out for the blueberries because they might get stuck in your nose!

3. Lemon Meringue Pie from “Desperate Housewives.”

One of the most famous dishes of the series is the iconic lemon meringue pie. It’s the same recipe that Bree tried to steal from her rival Katherine in order to become the best housewife of Wisteria Lane. Poor Bree failed countless times, attempting to replicate the perfect meringue pie, but if you google a recipe, it’s actually very easy.

4. Wedding Pie from the “Game of Thrones.”

When someone mentions “pies” and “Game of Thrones” in the same sentence, they’re usually talking about either Arya’s meat pies or Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding pie. To be fair, these pies represent the most satisfying resolutions in the entire show. Joffrey’s death scene, however, feels a bit more karmic. That wedding scene will go down in history as one of the best deaths of an a-hole ever.

5. Meat Pies from “Sweeney Todd.”

Speaking of meat pies, how could we not point out the most famous piemaker in London — Mrs. Lovett! She was sulking about her nasty pies that nobody wanted to buy, and then she met Sweeney Todd. Together with Mr. Todd, the piemaker grew her business and turned the worst pies in London into something even more revolting. If you know, you know.

6. Cherry Pie from “Twin Peaks.”

The cult series “Twin Peaks” singlehandedly put cherry pies in every bakery, home, and diner back in the 90s. If it wasn’t for agent Dale Cooper ordering cherry pie at the RR cafe, we might have forgotten that such a delicious treat even existed. Here’s a fun fact: the fictional cafe was actually called Mar-T and it became a huge tourist trap thanks to the show’s popularity. There were times when the owner had to bake 50 pies a day.

7. Apple Pie from “American Pie.”

Come on, you knew this one was coming (pun completely intended). What’s a “movie pie list” without the classic cringe comedy “American Pie”? It’s literally in the title. The film debuted in 1999 and has long become a classic R-rated teen comedy. In case you forgot how that poor apple pie got its fame, let’s just say it did so by not getting eaten.