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8 Funny Inconsistencies in The Big Bang Theory


Every show out there has a whole bag of inconsistencies, especially when it comes to sitcoms. The writers change from episode to episode, leaving out small continuity errors here and there. Only true fans will be able to notice those plot holes, and as we all know, “The Big Bang Theory” has quite a few of those.

Let’s take a peek at eight funny inconsistencies in the Big Bang Theory.

1. Sheldon’s Spot

Everyone knows that Sheldon is… complicated, to say the least. He even has a special spot on the sofa, which he calls “the only point of constancy in a changing world” and considers it an ideal location in a room. So, of course, a pedantic person like Sheldon should have similar spots pretty much everywhere, but for some reason, his feng shui seems to only apply to one apartment.

2. Sheldon Is Bad at English

It may seem unbelievable, but Sheldon is not that good at English! In one of the episodes, Dr. Cooper wrote “fushion” instead of “fusion,” and knowing Sheldon’s nature. It is unclear how such a huge mistake could have happened.

3. Sheldon’s Weight

Throughout the whole run of the series, Shelly’s never lost or gained much weight. But when asked about it, he first tells Penny that he weighs 140 pounds, and later, he claims that it’s 165 pounds. Is it possible that Dr. Cooper’s weight changes depending on his mood?

4.  Penny’s Dad

Penny’s father has to be one of the most mysterious characters on the show. After all, he was called Bob for a while, and then he changed his name to Wyatt. Although it could be his last name, I suppose, but we can’t know that for sure. It’s like they’re a family of secret agents!

5. Sheldon Isn’t Allergic to Cats

Taking into account some of the episodes, we’re told that Sheldon suffers from cat allergy. But, in the third episode of the fourth season, he brings a whole horde of cats into the house! Cooper names them after scientists, and they get along pretty well, it seems. So, no allergy then?

6. Leonard’s Wine Migraines

One day, Leonard confesses to Penny that he gets a nasty headache after drinking wine. But this does not bother him whenever they’re having a romantic dinner. Maybe he’s just enduring it for the sake of love?

7. Barry Kripke Is a Fraud

Particularly attentive viewers noticed that Barry Kripke, as it turns out, does not have a speech impediment. In one episode, when Sheldon explains the rules of the “Rock-paper-scissors-paper-lizard-Spock” game, Barry distinctly asked him to “repeat” the rules. It’s not much of a plot hole, of course, but still!

8. Howard Would Never Become an Astronaut IRL

In the show, Howard had a real chance to go into space. However, in real life, this would never have happened. Not only would he need to be perfectly healthy, but he’d also need to be in excellent physical shape. Meanwhile, he’s a tiny asthmatic boy who suffers from cardiac arrhythmias and allergic reactions.