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Top 9 Most Unlikeable Main Characters in TV Shows


The secret ingredients of a great TV show are a non-cliche plot, relatable characters that don’t make you cringe, and good acting. Can a show get good reviews with only two out of the three?

As the following examples show you, you can definitely have subpar main characters and still enjoy the show. But you don’t have to, so force yourself to like something you don’t.

Here are the nine most unlikeable main characters in TV shows.

1. Prue — Charmed

The entire premise of the show relies on the sisters working together, but apparently, Prue didn’t get the memo. Every time a big evil spirit or demon emerges, she’s ready to solo it. Aside from that, she’s just not ready to see her sisters happy and sabotages their relationships every chance she gets.

Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell in CHARMED TV Series –

2. Elizabeth — The Blacklist

In the first 2-3 seasons, Liz was pretty okay, aside from the part where she’s been living with a freaking spy for years without realizing it. Good thing she’s a master profiler, right? But what’s even more annoying is that after Agnes is born, Elizabeth shows zero concern about her. Sure, we’re supposed to believe that she does, but not with that attitude.

3. Sabrina — The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina is one of those characters who will almost always do the opposite of what she’s told. I understand that it’s done to move the plot forward, but could you please make her a bit more self-aware? The big bad evil doesn’t even need to move a finger with a protagonist like Sabrina.

4. SheldonThe Big Bang Theory

First few seasons, he played a snarky nerd, who loves comic books and science, but as years went by, Sheldon turned into a narcissistic bully who cares not about other people. How the group managed to stay friends with him is beyond my understanding.

5. Piper — Orange Is the New Black

Everyone loves the OITNB, but ask any fan what they think about Piper, and you’ll see them cringe. Basing the story on such a dull character was not the best idea, but at least you can easily skip Piper’s scenes.

6. June — The Handmaid’s Tale

Her extremely selfish actions cost multiple characters their lives, and viewers hate that! At this point, it’s just some screenwriter’s power fantasy embodied on the TV screens. The show should have ended after the first or maybe the second season. But instead, June is forced to come back to life while killing off characters we actually like.

7. Alan — Two and a Half Men

Remember the time when Charlie’s brother Alan wasn’t a one-dimensional character? Those were the good years for Two and a Half Men. Some would even say Alan was a sympathetic and even a bit relatable character until the writers wrung out the last bit of identity he had.

8. House — House M.D.

Is House a genius? Yes, very much so. But this one good thing is heavily outweighed by his actions towards his patients, coworkers, and people he calls friends. Although, if you think about it, House’s only friend is Wilson, and he still treats him like trash.

9. Rachel — Friends

Rachel’s story started when she messed up her life and came to live with Monica and Phoebe, probably to ruin their lives as well. You could argue that the old Rachel, who bullied Brad Pitt in high school, grew up and matured, but … did she really? The whole “let’s take a break” fiasco was because of her. Her leading Ross on was unbearable to watch, especially when she showed up in London to crash his wedding. The Vegas marriage, the surprise pregnancy, probably something else I can’t remember — neither of that was her fault, right? Just admit that you’re a part of the problem, Rachel!