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9 Surprising Foods You Can Pickle


If pickled cucumbers and tomatoes sound a bit too stale for you, then, by all means, take a look at this freshly pickled selection or fruits and veggies that you can stuff your cupboards with. You would be surprised to find out that even watermelon rinds can be quite delicious if you know how to prep them.

Here are some of the most surprising products you can pickle!

1. Watermelon Rinds

When you’re done eating that delicious juicy watermelon, think twice before throwing the rinds away! Pickled rinds are quite tasty.

2. Eggs

I’ve never tried pickled eggs before, so to me, they look extremely weird. Like, why? Why eggs? Who came up with this travesty? I bet it’s the same people who put pineapples on pizza.

3. Bologna

Some folks thought that pickled eggs just isn’t redneck enough, so they sliced up some bologna sausage. Pickles meat? How weird is that?

4. Asparagus

Pickled asparagus looks fantastic as a decoration, and it tastes like heaven. You can’t go wrong with with these green sprouts, especially if you enjoy Bloody Marys.

5. Lemons

In India and Morocco, people have pickled lemons, among other fruits, for generations. You’ll love the flavor it gives to your dishes.

6. Carrots

When you try pickled carrots, and feel that satisfying loud crunch, you’ll know you’ve found the best comfort food in the world. If you make the brine a bit sweeter, even kids will enjoy this healthy snack.

7. Garlic

People usually add garlic to the pickle juice for flavor, but marinading a whole lot of cloves in one jar? That may sound outlandish, but boy, are they delicious.

8. Grapes

Everyone loves grapes. Fresh, dried, fermented – it’s like these juicy drops were a gift from gods. So, it’s no surprise that pickled grapes with their sweet and tangy essence are a surefire way to hit the spot.

9. Peaches

Do you like sweet and sour fruity snacks? Then trust me, these pickled peaches will make you happy! Especially mixed in with some ice cream. *chef’s kiss*