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6 Free Mystery Movie Gems On Amazon Prime


Finding a good movie to watch these days is such a hard task. There’s just so much choice and so little time that actually committing to a couple of hours of watching a film seems almost impossible. So a large majority of us waste time watching pointless Youtube videos, scrolling Twitter and Instagram or just binging old TV shows we’re already seen before. But what if we told you that there are quite a few good mystery movies that you can watch almost for free and they’ll be engaging enough that you’ll feel furry immersed in a story and won’t even notice the time passing? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But Amazon Prime actually does have a whole bunch of mystery movies that you can watch for free if you have the membership, and we recommend you start with these.

1. Blow the Man Down

This is a new movie that was released this spring straight to Amazon Prime and it’s about two sisters who are attending a funeral of their mom in a sleepy boring town. Except after the funeral, one of them goes to get a drink to try and drown her sorrows and ends up in quite a pickle. She calls her sister to help her hide the evidence of her crime and in the process, the girls discover that their town isn’t as boring as they thought and has quite a seedy and dangerous underbelly and lots of their neighbours have many skeletons in their closet.

2. A Simple Favor

Who knew mystery movies could also be funny? This gem with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively is a definite must-watch for those of you who love a solid movie full of unexpected plot twists and really good mysteries that just suck you in, but also wouldn’t mind a funny comedic moment once in a while to lighten the mood. Honestly, this idea of combining a comedy and a mystery in one movie is groundbreaking and we hope it becomes a genre of its own because we want more movies like this.

3. Blue Velvet

It’s a David Lynch movie and honestly, that should be enough to make you want to watch it. It’s absolutely insane, we wouldn’t even know how to describe the plot without giving anything away. Let’s just say that finding a human ear one day can lead to some pretty crazy discoveries, which in turn can really uproot your life in the most unexpected ways.

4. Annihilation

Annihilation is one of those movies that keeps you confused and guessing until the end, and if we’re being honest, even after the movie is over. It’s just so mind-blowing and weird, yet undoubtedly amazing that we can’t quite believe that it’s available for free now. Natalie Portman plays an ex-soldier and a biologist whose husband went off on a mission and then one day just randomly showed up at home in critical condition, having absolutely no idea how he got there or any recollection of what happened. Except that’s not the weird part, the strange part is that no one has ever returned from a mission he was sent on, apart from him. Natalie’s character then volunteers to go and investigate what happened in this strange place called The Shimmer, where the normal and alien blend together to create something out of this world.

5. The Lighthouse

It’s a 2019 movie that was shot using 1930’s camera lenses in black and white. It stars William Defoe and Robert Pattionson and is shot in a really unusual ratio that’s almost square. The plot follows two lighthouse keepers who have a 4-week contract to tend to the lighthouse on an island. They are the only two people on the island, so it’s quite a lonely job but it seems easy enough. Except they don’t really get along and with every single day it seems like they’re starting to lose their mind and see some really weird inexplicable things. Robert Pattinson described this movie as highly intense and basically inventing a new genre of movies, which is just panic. He said that if you want to experience what an almost 2-hour long panic attack feels like – watch this movie.

6. The Handmaiden

This movie is about a rich Japanese mistress called and a Korean servant who’s got a secret. She’s actually not as naive as she looks and is actually a skilled criminal who’s got a famous partner in crime who plans on marrying the rich mistress in order to steal her fortune. The servant’s job is to find out as much as possible about the mistress, earn her trust and help her partner in crime complete his evil plant. But there are so many wild turns in this movie that we really don’t want to tell you anything else. Let’s just say things are way more interesting and complicated than they look.