These Wall Paintings Look Amazingly Realistic

The Brooklyn-based artist David Kassan paints with such a high level of detail, that his paintings look more like pictures. Every pore, cell and wrinkle is painted to great detail and meticulously added. David is one of those rare artists that has achieved the perfect mix of technique, talent and practice.

Horrifyingly Mind-Blowing Makeup of Mimi Choi

Say hi to Mimi Choi, a 31 year old ex-pre-school teacher from Vancouver, who now spends almost every waking hour perfecting her fantastic makeup skills, transforming her face into a mix of Clive Barker’s Hell raiser and the most mind-blowing Japanese horror manga.

9 Staggering Photos of Psychological Illnesses

What is it like to have an anxiety disorder? How can you describe it to someone that has never had an experience like that? Psychologist Douglas Amorim came up with an idea to create a photo essay that will tell the stories of his own patients and their suffering.

Affranchir La Ligne: Art That ‘Crossed the Line’

Art and movement are two things that go together really well and Eric Sauve has understood that from the very beginning of his art career. His latest work, though, is something entirely new. The Affranchir la Ligne art project is an inspiring mix of solid material and carefully executed twists and curves that evoke feelings of wonder and excitement.

22 Portraits of Love Birds Kissing in the Streets of Paris

It’s not the first time Julien Nonnon has decorated the walls of Parisian buildings with art. He’s known for his projections of smartly-dressed safari animals that could be seen all over the city in September, 2015, and now he’s back with yet another project – Le Baiser – that involves lots of kissing people projected onto the walls of Paris.
All in all there 100 kissing couples projected onto the walls of Parisian buildings. Juliene wants to inspire everyone to kiss!

Asia Bike Courier Face-off: China vs Vietnam

Bike couriers are pretty lame in western countries. It’s usually like a guy in a very professional and sturdy outfit driving around, well, my midnight pizza. Asia however, turns it up a notch or three.
Now the real question is: which country has the best bike couriers/vendors? Is it China, known for having way too many people? Or is it Vietnam, known for beating the United States at warfare? Sounds like two tough opponents! Let’s take a look at our entries.

”My Room Project” – 20 Rooms Around the World

Photographer John Thackwray doesn’t spend much time in his bedroom. Wanna know why? Because his photography project “My Room Project” became a real traveling exhibition for him! So let’s take a look at 20 rooms John deemed worthy of sharing with the public. Enjoy!

Ben Rubin Puts Monsters Next to Random People

Some artists really have that unique touch that separates them from the rest. Ben Rubin, owner of the Instagram page Subway Doodle, is one of those unique artists. He adds his own typical “monsters” to random pictures, most of them taken in the subway. While most of them are quite normal, some of them also have an element of social criticism to them.