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Asia Bike Courier Face-off: China vs Vietnam


First of all, let me say that this should become a genuinely new form of martial arts. It should be called something like stack-fu or something like that. I can live with that. Let’s use the power of the Internet for good and make this happen. Every child deserves to grow up in a world where this becomes an actual thing.
Anyway, on to the business at hand. Bike couriers are pretty lame in western countries. It’s usually like a guy in a very professional and sturdy outfit driving around, well, my midnight pizza. I can’t be arsed to go get the pizza myself, it’s like two blocks and it could rain literally at any second. Asia however, turns it up a notch or three.
You can see bike couriers/vendors stacking an entire store on a regular bike, driving around like it’s normal. Now the real question is: which country has the best bike couriers/vendors? Is it China, known for having way too many people? Or is it Vietnam, known for beating the United States at warfare? Sounds like two tough opponents! Let’s take a look at our entries.

China couriers(by Alain Delorme)
Our first contestants are the wonderfully courageous bike couriers of the Shanghai-and-other-Chinese-places area.


Vietnam vendors (by Loes Heerink)
And our second contestants are the flower and fruit vendors in Vietnam. It may not look as impressive as stacking a thousand boxes on your bike, but don’t forget that an apple will roll off way faster. Who wins? You decide.