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Car Owners, Beware! 9 Crazy Photos of Cars Being ‘Vandalized’ by Art


It’s amazing how art can appear in the most unusual places that are not ‘artsy’ at all. It seems like magic! Where most people see only dirty cars with dusty windows, others see the opportunity to create beauty and unique art. This is exactly what happened in Moscow where a young artist decided that the city could use some fresh street art. To create his unique works he didn’t incorporate the usual walls of the buildings, but instead he experimented with the windows and doors of dirty cars! His amazing pieces of art can now be found all over Moscow, until the owners decide to wash their cars, that is. And the coolest thing about this? Anyone can ‘donate’ their car and suddenly become a work of art. Here are 9 cars that were transformed into fascinating paintings.



Nikita Golubev is a Russian illustrator that works mainly with digital art and drawing. You can see his works on Facebook.



Owls, crocodiles and other animals, both mythical and not, come to life on the surfaces of dirty cars. It would be a crime to wash away this beauty!

The artist calls his technique ‘dustbrushing’ and shows off his amazing skills with each new art object. This shark looks simply striking!

Nikita has become a kind of celebrity due to his unique vision. He posts videos on his YouTube channel where everyone can watch the process of creating his art pieces.



New day – new dirt! Dirt paintings can become a new art trend in Moscow and perhaps all over the world! Nikita masterfully works with color that is revealed when dirt gets removed.

To create his ‘dirty car art’ Nikita Golubev also uses finger painting techniques. This work is called ‘transferring’ hinting to some deep philosophical motifs.

This is definitely something that goes beyond the usual ‘wash me’ signs. That’s why Nikita has been featured in a few TV shows to tell about his artworks. This trend can go big!



‘Dustbrushing’ stands apart from the rest of his works as this type of art is temporary and can be destroyed any moment. Its fragility is what makes it so unique and special.

The artist uses animalistic themes a lot to convey the feeling of ‘concrete jungle’ that is the city of Moscow. He does an extremely good job! So next time someone decides to mock your not-so-clean car, just tell them you’re supporting local street art!