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Horrifyingly Mind-Blowing Makeup of Mimi Choi


Say hi to Mimi Choi, a 31 year old ex-pre-school teacher from Vancouver, who now spends almost every waking hour perfecting her fantastic makeup skills, transforming her face into a mix of Clive Barker’s Hell raiser and the most mind-blowing Japanese horror manga.



1. Don’t forget to tie up your spare eyes!



2. Looks like her face is a shattered mirror.

3. “My eyes are up here!”



4. “I meant UP HERE!”

After quitting her day job, Mimi started experimenting with different shades and makeup techniques in her parents’ bathroom before enrolling at a local beauty college.



5. Lots of eye imagery in her work, and it’s freaking eyestonishing!



6. What would you do if you had a second mouth?

7. Where will you be when the drugs kick in?



8. Slice and dice!

Little by little, she polished her skills, and then came Halloween, which is basically Christmas for makeup artists, kickstarting her career.



9. Is that one of those moving picture puzzles?



10. This must be one of her creepiest creations, IMO.

11. Nope, spoke too soon.



12. You kiss your mother with that mouth, girl?

She decided to do one of those “cracked face” makeups, and aside from freaking her mom out, Mimi posted her pics online. That’s when things went viral!



13. Gee, Mimi, your face is falling apart!



14. Great, now it’s melting.

15. And here’s that first picture. Really looks awesome!



Believe it or not, Mimi now has 155,000 followers on her Instagram, and she has some of the most creative face makeups I’ve ever seen. Now go over to her Insta and tell her BrainBerries sent you!