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Geoffroy Mottart Decorates Statues With Flowers Because Why The Hell Not


If you’ve ever been to Brussels, you’d know it has a lot of statues. You’d almost think Belgium has done more than just brew beer, create chocolate and eat waffles. A lot of those statues are just sitting there, doing pretty much nothing (because they’re statues) and half the people don’t even know who the hell the statue is in honor of. Unless of course it’s a Leopold II statue, in which case we all recognize him as the guy that killed millions of Africans in the Congo, but history would prefer to forget about that one.
Anyway, back to Geoffroy. He has a thing for flowers, so he decided to decorate all those cold, lifeless statues with wonderful flowers too add some vibrancy and life to them. While it doesn’t make the statues any more enthralling, nor it doesn’t make you care more about the people that got sculpted into eternity, it does make them all a lot more hilarious and entertaining to look at. This is due to the fact that he replaces their hair and beards with flowers. If you think Leopold II’s regular beard was hilarious, it’s even better with flowers. I guarantee you won’t regret it.
Because his series only lasts about a day, he takes pictures of his creations and shares them on Instagram. Usually I’d call “narcissist” on that, but I’ll make an exception for this one. Whenever he comes back to the same statue, he uses a different design. Probably so he can score more Instagram likes.
All skepticism aside, his work is truly remarkable and will instantly change the average walk through Brussels into something magnificent and quirky. You might still get mugged or experience other traveling woes, but at least you’ll get to look at statues with flowered up hairdos, which is worth all the hassle. Take a look at some of his best work and you’ll instantly see what I mean.