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Ben Rubin Puts Monsters Next to Random People


Some artists really have that unique touch that separates them from the rest. It’s not that their art is that much better or they’re more talented than the next guy – it’s that their art has a point. It has a unique quality to it that instantly makes it stand out between the masses. Especially in the digital age, where everyone can post their creations all over the internet, that’s probably one of the most important tools in any artist’s arsenal.



Ben Rubin, owner of the Instagram page Subway Doodle, is one of those unique artists. He adds his own typical “monsters” to random pictures, most of them taken in the subway. While most of them are quite normal, some of them also have an element of social criticism to them. He has done a huge amount of drawings, so I can honestly only recommend looking at his Instagram page.

Rubin isn’t a huge fan of people looking at their cellphones all the time. I personally don’t mind it all that much, but it’s a very popular theme in current technology rhetoric that makes you wonder whether we have indeed become too dependent on those little machines.

Oh, and he’s also American, so obviously he has a clear candidate for the upcoming election. How can I tell? Well, he pretty much adds the other candidate to his art in a very obvious manner, so it’s honestly not that big a leap to assume he isn’t a fan of Donald Trump.

For some reason, Ben Rubin also fully expects old people to be very close to death. Even when on the subway.

But the good news is, you can always count on him to create a great make believe friend when you need someone to hug!



Moving more to the dark side he has this Nazi redneck barber shop quartet elephant. With a whole in its head. Because it (obviously) has no brain. Very over the top but so emblematic of Ben’s thought processes.