20 Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography

If you still think that the art of photography is a simple thing and everyone can be a good photographer, you are so wrong. Ok we all can admit that in our digital era there are a lot of picture processing opportunities. You can perform a huge variety of ‘doctoring’ a photo to get the result you want to see. But today we’re are talking about photography as hard work – a discipline, that requires good planning, enough skills and time (and no Photoshopping as well) and above all patience.

Amazing GIFs By 25th Century Artists

“Deep Discovery” is the name of a new and the latest creative series of animated double-exposure photos. The project is found by Lucas Ighile and Ayla El-Moussa – two visual artists that have been sharing their works in the Internet since 2009.

8 Surreal GIFs That Will Ignite Your Imagination

“As beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.” André Breton, known best as the founder of Surrealism, referred to this line by Comte de Lautréamont as the single phrase that perfectly describes the phenomenon of Surrealism....

Amazing Artworks by Fab Ciraolo

Meet Fab Ciraolo, Chilean illustrator with a very interesting vision of the world who want to share it with you. In his works the guy reprises the most popular nostalgic elements like our favorite fairy tale characters, popular historical personalities, artists etc. incorporating them into marvelous motifs some surreal, sci-fi atmospheres.

20 Amazing Macro Photos That Take You To Another World

We’re used to seeing life happen from our naked eye, but what if we got a chance to escape that typical view and start perceiving it from a whole different level? The true beauty behind macro photography is simple, it provides an experience that becomes otherworldly. Everything you thought you knew is completely changed.

Bizarre Yet Beautiful Tattooed Porcelain Figurines Jessica Harrison

Traditionally, decorative ceramic figurines represent kitsch beauty and serenity. Upon first glance, they are appropriate only for decorating your granny’s cabinet. British artist Jessica Harrison took an interest in these ceramic sculptures and reinvented the medium. She covered refined young women who resemble Jane Austen’s characters in neck-to-wrist sailor tattoos. As a result, her modified porcelain ladies appear slightly humorous, grotesque but undeniably fascinating.

Kids’ Monster Doodles Turned Into Stunning Illustrations

Five years ago, Katie Johnson, a University of North Texas Communication Design senior at that time, decided to help kids maintain their sparkling imagination and show them many ways in which they could apply it in art. She started The Monster Project, a collaborative program aimed at giving kids more opportunities to use their creativity at school.

9 Disturbing Portraits That Deliver A Thought-Provoking Message

Seung-Hwan Oh, an experimental photographer and a microbiologist based in Seoul, once got fascinated by the fact that mold destroys film, badly stored in archives. This inspired him to deliver the idea of impermanence of matter in a disturbingly metaphorical way. The artist cultivated fungus and applied it to film before he put it into his camera and took portraits of his friends.

Stunning Beach Artworks By Andres Amador

Andres Amador is a famous landscape artist from San Francisco. He’s famous for his enormous sand drawings made on beaches. His massive sand canvas impressed the whole world and his artworks have a huge potential. His drawings have different shapes, designs and messages. He’s collaborated...

Absolutely Creative Dress Paintings Of Kristina Webb

Kristina Webb is a wonderful artist from New Zealand. She creates the most unbelievable art images in the world, she has her own technique and her vision of art is something truly incredible, immortalizing and individualistic in style. She posted a lot of her artwork...

Ella & Pitr – Street Art Masters

The street art was considered a banditry or vandalism for many years. It was always an underground art, the artists were usually anonymous. Only recently has it started to become an officially recognized art form and an object of a huge craze. This trend irritates...

Hyper Realistic Paintings By Gustavo Silva Nuñez

We are living a world, where nothing really surprises us anymore, right? But this guy will make you spill your drink and drop your taco right where ya stand, buddy!   His vision of art is probably the most extraordinary thing you’ve ever seen. No...

Vanessa Paxton Captures Stunning Images of People’s Faces

Vanessa Paxton created a really unusual and fascinating project. The Jamaican photographer started it in 2011. Her project includes all female faces from different ethnicities, surrounded by a color. Each color fits the skin tone of the model and makes a girl look very beautiful....

Amazing Coffee Stain Drawings by Carter Asmann

Like many artists, Carter Asmann is quite fond of coffee. Unlike most artists, he has found a perfect way to integrate this passion into his works. The California-based photographer and illustrator creates his drawings around (or sometimes inside of) coffee stains.