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Stunning Coffee Cup Manipulations by Witchoria


Do you like coffee? If so, do you prefer it black, with cream, maybe with some Irish whisky, or with a drop of raging sea or a slice of the ever-expanding galaxy?

What a weird question, right? How can your morning coffee become a sea or a galaxy? That is a pretty absurd idea, but, trust me, when you see what Victoria, an incredibly talented artist, has in store for you, you’ll be a little shocked and awe-struck.

They say that the regular (or fancy) coffee helps us to open our eyes when our energy is too low for us to function properly, so imagine what a shot of “cosmos” would do! Alright enough chit-chat, let’s go to the coffee cup gallery.



Did I mention how much I love space?



Crashing waves is one of those things you can look at for days…

The Nebulous blend is my favorite.



I wonder if there’s a micro black hole in the center of that cup.

Can you sea how great this looks?



I bet this cup will be salty as hell.

It’s literally a pocket universe (if you pour it in your pocket)



10/10 would dive right into it!

Oh, yeah, in case you want to get some awesome prints of these stunning photo manipulations for your kitchen or whatever, you can find Victoria’s work and contact details over here. And yeah, the cups are just one of her projects, so do check out more of her stuff!