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Makeup Artist Uses Her Lips as a Canvas For Miniature Masterpieces


There’s an account of extremely talented make-up artist you just can’t pass by. No, we’re not talking about a common beauty blogger with hundreds of Youtube videos in her channel that are ready to show you which $1000 lipstick to buy and automatically look fab (magic!), or how to enlarge your lips naturally (and stay at home for a few weeks after, tearfully waiting for this “amazing” effect to go away). So please don’t skip this gallery, or you will definitely regret later.

This is Jazmina Daniel, an Australian makeup artist, who creates colorful, bright, unusual and very creative designs using her lips as a canvas and shares them via Instagram.

It is not just another lipstick game, besides of actual lipstick, Jazmina is using a variety of different and unexpected products for her arts: from liquid lipstick and eyeshadows to glosses and different kind of glitter including 3-dimensional! This all along with a huge amount of time spent helps Jazmina to liven up her lips turning it to something more than just a body-art.

She often combines her lip art to her nail works, clothing and accessories which makes her photos look even more captivating.

The artist’s Instagram page is a very friendly place, where the girl interacts with her followers, shares her step-by-step tutorials (also available on her Youtube channel) and reveals which cosmetics and brushes she uses for a particular artwork.

So if you are inspired by her amazing masterpieces (we sure you will be), there’s a chance to make something similar. Who knows, maybe you’ve got a talent! Ending up with glitter all over your room is also nice, though.

And who said makeup is a boring thing? Guys will also appreciate these breathtaking arts, yet still there’s one question that will appear again and again: will you be able to eat with all this art on your lips? There’s one chance to find this out: to try.

Don’t forget to explore her Instagram page and join other 790k followers!