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20 Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography


If you still think that the art of photography is a simple thing and everyone can be a good photographer, you are so wrong. Ok we all can admit that in our digital era there are a lot of picture processing opportunities. You can perform a huge variety of ‘doctoring’ a photo to get the result you want to see. But today we’re are talking about photography as hard work – a discipline, that requires good planning, enough skills and time (and no Photoshopping as well) and above all patience.

Real photographers try to take as many pictures of an object to realize several views in order to have a variety to choose from; this affords the chance to pick the best one and achieve a desired result. It is not that hard if the object stands still. But what about action photos where things are moving? A photographer should predict time and take the right shot in the right second.



Girl enjoying rain



A nonliving object in motion is a challenge, but how about living ones? Taking photos of your cat or dog may end up being an annoying experience and yield some low quality, blurry pics. Try taking a shot of a fox!

When enjoying a great photo that seems almost surreal, we have no idea, what happened behind the scenes and made it look that amazing



These photographer guys deserve an award! …and maybe some new clothes



Some photo manipulations provided in exactly the right moment may create unbelievable patterns! You will never guess what photographers used for some of their pattern pics
M&M’s in water drops

Food photography is the greatest challenge. Especially, when you’re hungry



Bet you thought such “floating” pics are just a bunch of Рhotoshopping. Now you know how these are really being made



And after a few pics applied on each other you can observe surreal photographs (or feel a surreal pain in your stomach if you’re a model in those)

What a genius idea! Now I bet you are regretting you threw your old car toys away.
Miniature car models create realistic historical photos



How about this one? You will need more than 2 hands to take such a great shot!



Underwater pics are beautiful without any retouch

But it’s unbelievable how much effort you need to make to get such results. Also, it is very risky



Not sure if any model will want to take part in such a crazy underwater photoshoot? Would you dare?



Taking pics of burning lava is super dangerous! Is it really worth it? You decide

Or it may just seem so, if you make a mini volcano all by yourself.



Your life may seem adventurous on your Facebook page, but the photographer knows it all



Mirror manipulations are a new trend that has hundreds of opportunities to get surreal photographs

Sometimes it takes a whole day to take pics of a newborn: you need to pick the right time when he sleeps and be careful and smooth during the whole shoot



Being a photographer is seeing beautiful in simple things. Even in street mud. Literally



And this is the highest level of skill. Still think anyone is able to make awesome shots?