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20 Amazing Macro Photos That Take You To Another World


We’re used to seeing life happen from our naked eye, but what if we got a chance to escape that typical view and start perceiving it from a whole different level? The true beauty behind macro photography is simple, it provides an experience that becomes otherworldly. Everything you thought you knew is completely changed. You can’t help but let your imagination run wild while looking at everything from a tiny perspective. The mundane, overrated things of the every day groove suddenly becomes something so stunning it evokes enlightenment. You might come across creatures that you’d never want to meet in real life, or possibly take an awesome raindrop-ride straight off a flower leaf. The amount of depth, color and detailed allure within the macroverse is a mind-opening sensation that completely brings you to a whole other planet. It’s so much to make you wonder; what else have you been missing out on?



So, when people refer to ‘eyes being the gateway to one’s soul’, they mean a seriously creepy black hole of nothingness?

Most people are deathly afraid of them, but close-up they just look like confused old guys who needs a really good shave

The concept may be hard to grasp, but this right here is an actual snowflake. There is also none other in the world like it.

Yikes! Most kids wouldn’t be playing with ants if they knew this is what they really looked like

A shot like this is one to make you stop and appreciate the wild beauty of flowers

Rock on! A moth wearing the coolest sunglasses possibly ever

A burst of rainbow greatness thanks to water droplets quietly laying upon a peacock feather

A spider who takes a lot of time and puts in a lot of effort to make his lovely abode

This dragonfly looks like it’s either holding on for its dear life or enjoying the windy rain

A kiwi so ridiculously juicy, it’s literally pouring sweetness

Here is another reason why all snakes should be avoided

Birds that have most vibrantly wonderful coats. Now imagine everybody had hair like this

Another eye because it’s seriously amazing

A turquoise cicada that you won’t know if you should to run far away from, or hop on it’s back for a ride

This snail is totally chillen’

Oh, it’s just someone who wants to join in on your picnic lunch

Here are some really weird trees atop even weirder grass

Is this happy creature a gecko or a dragon?

You would not want to be on the opposition end of this extreme caterpillar

Okay, this is the last one