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Xherdan The Naked Cat is Taking Over Instagram

Naked cats usually aren’t the prettiest cats you can find. They look wrinkled, weird and kind of like they weren’t born on this planet. Some people seem to be very fond of them however, and it was only a matter of time before one of them took over Instagram. Meet Xherdan the Naked Cat.

10 Songs to Make Washing Your Hands More Fun

We all know that COVID-19 hates clean hands. This is why we all need to do our duty and wash our hands every time we leave or come home. It only takes like 20 seconds for the soap to kill those 99.9% germs (which includes coronaviruses as well). But have you ever wondered what the right way to scrub your hands is?

What Would Cities Look Like If Humans Disappeared

The streets are looking empty and a bit eerie these days due to the global pandemic and the recommended self-isolation most of us are dealing with in hopes of protecting ourselves and everyone from the virus. This reminded us of a photo exhibition by Chris Morin-Eitner that happened a couple of years ago.

6 Tips For DIY Haircuts For Men

If you’re a guy and you’re thinking of cutting your own hair or perhaps you’re a girl and your boyfriend or friend asked you to cut – don’t panic. Cutting men’s hair isn’t rocket science and you can definitely do it at home and make it look decent even on your first try, especially if you’re going for that popular undercut style

7 Curious Facts About Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-drying is said to be the biggest thing in the food business since the sliced bread. Thanks to the process of freezing and sublimation of water from the products, the shelf life of freeze-dried foods can be significantly extended, which means less waste.

Tiger in the Bronx Zoo Infected with COVID-19

You know things with the COVID-19 pandemic are getting worse when you hear about animals contracting it. So far, we knew that they could be transferring the disease, like everyone else, but other than that, our furry friends were in the safe zone. However, everything’s changed after an infected but still asymptomatic Bronx Zoo worker came in contact with a tigress named Nadia.

Animal Crossing and Other Glorious Video Games to Play During Quarantine

You may be thinking that COVID-19 quarantine is almost over, but trust us, we’re going to have at least another month of this cocooning. So you’re probably going to play some video games and order pizza. Or maybe you’re one of those people who’ve never gamed before, in which case welcome to the world of tomorrow!

8 Funny Inconsistencies in The Big Bang Theory

Every show out there has a whole bag of inconsistencies, especially when it comes to sitcoms. The writers change from episode to episode, leaving out small continuity errors here and there. Only true fans will be able to notice those plot holes, and as we all know, “The Big Bang Theory” has quite a few of those.

How Megan Fox Has Changed Throughout The Years

We all know Megan Fox as “that girl from Transformers”, but she’s done quite a few things before and after that. Despite her being typecast as a Hollywood bombshell, it probably wouldn’t hurt to look a little deeper and figure out what she’s experienced in life and what makes her tick.

Ranking Bong Joon Ho’s Movies Worst To Best

We’ve all seen the pleasantly surprising news about Parasite winning the Oscar for best picture. But this isn’t the first movie Bong Joon Ho’s made, he’s been at it for a while. And while he definitely deserves the praise, we thought it might be fun to rank his previous movies Worst To Best.

The Best Pandemic And Virus Outbreak Movies

With corona leaving most of the world locked up at home and truly obsessed by this pandemic that’s taking over the globe, it only makes sense that some of the extra free time we now all have on our hands is spent watching a movie. And why not a pandemic or virus outbreak movie?

3 Crazy Conspiracy Theories Surrounding COVID-19

Seeing how a new strain of coronavirus is spreading around the world, a lot of fake news and conspiracy theories about the outbreak have appeared. So what is this virus? A secret biological weapon, evil machinations of the Pentagon to stop the growth of the Chinese economy, or maybe it’s just a mutated virus?

Unbelievable Reasons Why Blue-Eyed Humans Are Unique

For millennia, the blue color of the eyes has been adored and idolized. It quickly became the standard of beauty and a symbol of holiness. Today, blue-eyed people are taken for granted, as we see them everywhere. But did you know that at one point in the past, there was no blue eye color at all?