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Where Is the Little Girl From Waterworld Today?

Actress Tina Majorino became famous as a child thanks to her roles in “When a Man Loves a Woman,” “Corrina, Corrina,” and, mainly, the post-apocalyptic action hit “Waterworld.” She was that little girl with the coordinates of the only surviving land area on the planet tattooed on her back.

You Can Still Virtually Visit These Museums While You’re In Quarantine

Covid-19 has been holding a tight grip on society in the last few weeks, and unless you’re in some of the best countries in the world right now, odds are your country is suffering from some version of a lockdown. And while most parts of our social lives have to take the backseat for a few weeks, maybe months, there’s something that we won’t have to give up: museums.

Quimera The Two-Faced Cat

Think about it – Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and other cats became viral sensations because they were different, and unique. The internet didn’t see their features as a bad trait, in fact their genetic mutations were celebrated and adored. It seems like we as people are starting to value difference and uniqueness above all.

Stunning Transformation Of Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright has grown up before our eyes, much like the rest of the Harry Potter cast. She was only 10 when she got the role in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone and has appeared in all 8 Harry Potter movies over the decade. And while some actors like Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have remained firmly in the spotlight, others chose tho keep a lower profile.

These Celebrities Are Virtually Giving Back To Make The Covid-19 Quarantine More Bearable

Whether you’re black, white, rich, poor or anything in between – we’re all affected by Covid-19. It doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t hold back. Some people that are playing a huge role in keeping society together are celebrities. While they can’t actively do much to perform in their regular jobs anymore, they’re using the magic of internet to connect with people and bring some joy to our lives.

Fighting Fire With Fire: COVID-19 Vs. 35 Viral Memes!

The outbreak of the coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic. More and more countries are tightening their security measures by closing borders, quarantining entire cities and states, and even shutting down all air and land communications. However, while the tension in the world is growing, Internet users are doing their best to ward off the panic. Quarantine or not, the spicy memes have to flow! They will not help you cure the coronavirus, but they can definitely make you feel better.

6 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up But Still Worked Together

Breakups are pretty freaking difficult to deal with even if you don’t work together, but at least then you can just avoid the other person. However, if you work in the same office it becomes slightly more difficult but you can make it work, by just trying to avoid them in halls, leaving later or coming in to work earlier to avoid awkward elevator rides. But what happens when you’re celebrities who work on a show together?

Events That Have Been Cancelled Because Of COVID 19

The Novel Coronavirus now also known as COVID 19 is wreaking havoc not only with everyone’s physical health, but it’s bringing us down mentally because of the self-isolation, financially because of all the economical loses countries will face because of lockdowns and quarantines, and now morally since all of our favourite events are being cancelled to avoid crowds and subsequent spreading of the virus. Let’s talk about the events that got cancelled because of the coronavirus.

Quarantined Italians Fight Boredom By Serenading From The Balconies

After the authorities declared quarantine in Italy about a week ago, due to the high amount of people infected with the COVID-19, the land of pizza and pepperoni went into a deep and depressive slumber. Until the day, a group of fine lads decided to cheer up their neighbors by singing songs on their balconies!

Tattoo Trends That Are On The Rise In 2020

f you love tattoos you probably have been faced with a question of “what tattoo to get first” and then swiftly followed by “which one should I get next?”, because once you start it’s hard to stop at just one tattoo. The process of picking a tattoo style is difficult enough as it is, and picking a specific design can feel like an impossible task.

Top Wonders of the Technological World

Technology is quite a thing to behold. Over the last decades technology has expanded exponentially and we’ve come across some truly groundbreaking stuff. Let’s not waste any more time and look at science’s greatest hits.

Conspiracy Theories: Is Avril Lavigne Really Dead?

When we think of conspiracy theories we tend to think of flat earthers, the Illuminati or the moon landing. But of course, conspiracy theorists don’t limit themselves to these topics. They tend to theorise about anything and everything from politics and politicians to UFOs and celebrities. Some of these theories are more convincing than others but what we didn’t expect is a rumour about Avril Lavigne dying.