Where Is the Little Girl From Waterworld Today?


Actress Tina Majorino became famous as a child thanks to her roles in “When a Man Loves a Woman,” “Corrina, Corrina,” and, mainly, the post-apocalyptic action hit “Waterworld.” She was that little girl with the coordinates of the only surviving land area on the planet tattooed on her back.

Tina first appeared on the screen in the comedy TV series Camp Wilder in 1992 at the age of seven. Five years later, when many young stars were just starting their careers, Majorino was already experiencing a creative burnout. At the age of 15, she graduated from high school, and in 2004, after a five-year break, she returned to the film industry.

Her first role after the break was perhaps the most memorable one in her career. She played the modest high school student Deb in the indie comedy “Napoleon Dynamite,” which quickly became a cult hit in the US.

In the same year, Majorino signed up for the role in the now-iconic youth detective drama series “Veronica Mars.” Since then, she’s starred mainly in TV projects like Castle, True Blood, and Grey’s Anatomy, to name a few.

You may think it doesn’t look like a successful career, but Majorino explained that she studies each incoming proposal very meticulously. As an actress, Tina is mainly interested in challenging her abilities and not the paycheck. Although, I’m sure she’d hop on the Disney train even if she were to play a minor role.

The last time Majorino appeared on the small screens was in the TV series Scorpion in 2018.

At the moment, the actress has decided to take a break, but she continues to delight her fans by attending festivals and conventions. According to her Instagram photos, she is living a fun and eventful life, and looks as good as ever!