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10 Curious Little-Known Facts About Barron Trump


The oldest children of Donald Trump are widely known to the public, but his youngest son, Barron, born in a marriage with Melania, is kept mostly in the shade. The youngest kid of the 45th president of the United States first attracted the attention of the public on election night, where he stood on the stage behind his father. But what do we really know about Barron Trump?

1. Barron is Donald and Melania’s only child

The current US president has five children from three marriages. Barron is the only son of Donald and his third wife, Melania. The boy was born on March 20, 2006. 

2. Melania refused to move to the president’s residence because of her son

The First Lady of the United States and her son did not immediately go to live in the White House. The ex-model wanted her son to finish his studies at the prestigious and famous Colombian Grammar School.

3. Being a son of the president was tough for Barron

The parents of the students were worried about the safety of their children, because, you know, Trump has enemies everywhere.

4. He is the first kid to live in the White House in the last few decades.

After Barron moved to Washington, he officially became the first kid to live in the president’s residence for almost 60 years. The last was John F. Kennedy’s son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who moved into the White House in 1961.

5. He doesn’t like to wear sweatpants

Ever since Barron was three years old, he loved wearing business pants (and ties), just like his daddy. I guess you could say that wearing pants is in his “jeans”!

6. He is fluent in two languages.

The boy reveres his roots. He is fluent in English and Slovenian.

7. He uses expensive moisturizers

Barron is not your average 12-year-old boy. A few years ago, his mother admitted that after a night bath, he rubs his skin with a moisturizing cream with black caviar. As if the caviar somehow makes it better.

8. He is a mini version of Donald Trump

Melania constantly calls her son “Mini Donald.” She says he is independent and self-confident and knows exactly what he wants, just like Donald. He does kind of look like both of them, doesn’t he?

9. Trump has never changed his son’s diapers

Melania admitted that Donald never did like the dirty side of the business. So what if he didn’t change the kid’s diapers? It doesn’t mean he was a bad father. Melania emphasized that Donald and Barron love to play golf, dine together, and have fun in dozens of other ways during family vacations.

10. The boy lives like a king

In his house in New York, Barron had his own floor with toys, where he could paint on the walls as much as he wanted. In the White House, he’s being served by 100 people who know what he likes and dislikes. Let’s hope his dad will one day give him a small loan of one million dollars to help him start a business.