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The Best Pandemic And Virus Outbreak Movies


With corona leaving most of the world locked up at home and truly obsessed by this pandemic that’s taking over the globe, it only makes sense that some of the extra free time we now all have on our hands is spent watching a movie. And why not a pandemic or virus outbreak movie?

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

28 Days Later

This sort-of zombie movie is somewhat of a cult classic. It’s gained a few sequels over the years, none of them noteworthy, but the original still holds his own after all these years.

The Happening

This virus outbreak movie didn’t really get good reviews when it released, and it honestly isn’t the best movie there’s ever been, but like all M. Night Shyamalan movies you should at least give it a fair shot for the first half hour.

World War Z

A Brad Pitt movie with fast running zombies, what could go wrong? Well, quite a few things, but it’s a fun movie to watch if you’re not being too critical or don’t feel like watching a highly intellectual movie.


This Spanish movie tells the story of people being trapped in an apartment building as it gets hermetically sealed because of a virus outbreak. Surely nothing bad will happen! There’s been a freakish amount of sequels to this movie, but don’t watch those. They go down in quality really fast.

12 Monkeys

If you’re into biological warfare and time travel movies, 12 Monkeys is the best movie you can find. After a man-made virus wipes out pretty much all of the Earth’s population, they send Bruce Willis back in time to prevent the virus from ever being released.

I Am Legend

Another one of those classic post-apocalyptic virus outbreak movies, this one has Will Smith playing a scientist who is somehow also good with guns trying to find a cure to a disease which I guess translates to “people rabies”.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Viruses don’t always have to do bad things – sometimes they just make apes smarter. And considering how humans seem to get dumber and dumber, it only makes sense that they’d surpass us ridiculously fast and take over our planet.