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6 Tips For DIY Haircuts For Men


If you’re a guy and you’re thinking of cutting your own hair or perhaps you’re a girl and your boyfriend or friend asked you to cut – don’t panic. Cutting men’s hair isn’t rocket science and you can definitely do it at home and make it look decent even on your first try, especially if you’re going for that popular undercut style. And if you’re still questioning it, just remember that doing it sooner rather than later works better because that way you still kind of have the template to go buy. Once all of the hair grows out it’ll be harder to tell where those lines are and where the short side hair stops and the long top part of the haircut begins. So here are a few things you should keep in mind when cutting men’s hair at home.

1.Tools Are Key

Undercuts require clippers. The better the clippers the more options you’ll have. If you want nice fades you need a lot of guards, so you might have to opt for a more expensive set of clippers. If you don’t particularly care about the fade, any clippers with a standard set of guards will do. Also remember to get some haircutting scissors.

2.Clean Damp Hair

In order to get the best cut, you need your hair to be clean, damp and brushed out. You want the clippers to glide through your hair, not get stuck in it, so if your hair looks like a bird’s nest wash it and towel dry it. If you have clean hair – just brush it out and dampen it slightly from a spray bottle.

3.Trust The Process

It might seem scary and unnerving to cut your own hair or cut someone’s hair when you’ve never done it before but just gather your courage and go for it. It’s hair, if you make mistakes it’ll grow out, so it’s not a big deal. Don’t overthink it.

4.Follow The Lines

If you just want the same haircut as before all you have to do is follow the lines. Use the clippers on the side and back that’s the easiest part. Try to go for the biggest guard first. It’s better to start with that and then make it shorter if needed. For the top part pull the hair between your fingers and cut the ends a little at a time. It’s best to cut in small sections and cut vertically instead of trying to just cut a perfect line across. If you have shears – use those to add some texture and to make the ends look better.

5.The Fade

If you want to get that fade effect on the sides – use the longer guards closer to the top layer, medium in the middle and the short at the bottom of your hair. And don’t go in straight lines, that looks weird, instead opt for a curved down line. Then, just take off the guard to clean up around the ears and shave off those pesky neck hairs that just shouldn’t be there, to begin with.

6.Buzzcut If Needed

If you’re not happy at the end of the haircut rest assured in the knowledge that no one will see it for the next couple of weeks due to the global pandemic. So you can either let it grow a little and try again or, if all else fails – buzzcut is the way to go. But even then, perhaps try to use a guard for the top layer so that it’s at least a bit longer than the sides so you don’t look like a potato. Unless that’s what you’re going for.