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Super-Expressive Rainbow Hairstyles By Snegga

Therapists recommend that people periodically add a splash of something bright and colorful into their lives. This little trick allows us to keep away the boring everyday routine without going fully nuts. This is where Snezhanna Vinichenko, the rainbow hairstylist from Russia, comes in with her boundless imagination and skillful hands.

6 Tips For DIY Haircuts For Men

If you’re a guy and you’re thinking of cutting your own hair or perhaps you’re a girl and your boyfriend or friend asked you to cut – don’t panic. Cutting men’s hair isn’t rocket science and you can definitely do it at home and make it look decent even on your first try, especially if you’re going for that popular undercut style

8 Superfoods That Can Help You With Hair Loss

If you want to prevent becoming a huge skull-shaped reflector panel, you might want to give these superfoods a try. They may or may not work, but I doubt anyone would dare risk it anyway. This is your hair we’re talking about.